1998 Ford Ranger 2.5 With 235/65/R18 Questions

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1998 Ford Ranger 2.5 With 235/65/R18 Questions

1998 Ford Ranger 2.5 71k Miles

I came into these 235/65/R18 wheels from an newer explorer, not sure of the year. I have been testing them today.

Right off the bat what I would like to know is what are the risks associated with size 18's on a 1998 2.5 ranger? That is risks to transmission, differential, gear ratio, wheel steering system...or anything else? I am new to ranger, from camry so please educate me here.

Secondly, since I have been running them today this is what I have observed
A) - that steering lock to lock they rub top ball joint, and is it wishbone?? and the lower tie rod connecting rod???
B) - when I am driving and break hard the front wheels are whistling. Kinda like if a truck has been sitting and the disc brakes have rust from rain, etc. This didn't happen with the previous 15's. What is this an indication of?

Other than that all four fit perfectly in the wheel well.

Lastly if there are no risks to damaging of the car and I keep them how would I make them work? Would adding spacers help with the rubbing? Must the truck be lifted? I would prefer not to get into lifting kits and all that at the moment due to budget constraints, not until the end of the year.

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How does the height/width compare to the OE tires? There are online charts that will figure the differences for you. Those who put oversized tires on 4x4s often have to lift the suspension to gain clearance. Hard to say if raising the suspension would give you clearance on turns. Spacers are probably the cheapest/easiest way to raise coil springs a small amount.
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So the larger, or smaller, size tires will not effect the drive train other than possibly causing the spedo to be off due to the increase or decrease in tire circumference.

Larger tires may touch steering or body components and that would need to be looked at .

Ive stuffed huge tires in vehicles that would rub on the inner fender during lock to lock turns, I just lived with it since it was a rare occurrence.

Welcome to the world of vehicle customization!
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They are much bigger than stock 225/70/15 and the truck has gained a little height. I can live with an off cue speedo. My biggest concern was any negative effect they may cause on truck.

Yes they are rubbing @ full lock. And second issue is they are bouncing like they need balanced but way too much. I read that I need hubcentric rings and spacers to fix these 2 issues.

Problem is I don't know what sizes. I will appreciate if you can give me some info on how to determine the correct sizes.

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