Ram 1500 AC Leak


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Ram 1500 AC Leak

2007 (Dodge) Ram 1500 Hemi

For the last 3 years, I have to put one large can of freon in my AC each summer, then works fine for that summer.
This year, I put a large can & a small can & it cools but not like it should. After the two cans, the dial on the hose only went just inside the green.... but was in the green. It has worked ok for a week or so but today, it just wasnt good enough any more. I have been sure its a small leak but by adding one large can ($35 or so) per year was ok to get by one for a while, but I knew it was only a matter of time.

So, now that it looks like its "time". Should I try to find the leak myself or just take it to someone who knows at least more than me about AC?

I guess my question is:

is there a dye that I can buy & add to the system to find the leak & if so, is it likely that I will miss something somewhere because I cant see a hidden leak?

Is it likely that leaks are usually or at least sometimes an easy fix? A loose fitting to just tighten etc? Or is it most likely a compressor or line etc, that leaks?

Most common place for an AC to leak?

Maybe I should just take this to my mechanic & let him fix it & be done with it?
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I've used the green dye with an ultraviolet light. Can be a little messy as the dye ultimately sprays all over the place.

Can you see the condensate when it drips ?
I lost my A/C and I found oil in the condensate which told me that the evaporator coil had rotted away.
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a lot of shops will use the uv dye also if there leak detector doesn't pick anything up if you have a black light even a small pen light works would remove the caps and look at your low or high connections to see if they glow as the dye is so commonly used it may already be in the system.
some leaks are easy to see if they are leaking oil this usually attracts dirt to it right around the spot thats leaking would look at the compressor and lines also would probably look at the condensor. if you dont see anything obvious would probably consider taking it to a shop for a diagnosis anyway.
it wont be a simple fix like tightening a connection, most always have to replace components and if a connection is leaking witch is not to common they will have to replace o rings, lines most commonly leak at the crimped connection where the metal turns to rubber hose.
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Thanks PJ & Alan...

I'll take it to my mechanic... one day...lol
Seriously, hopefully tomorrow. We'll see.

Thanks again yall.
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I took this to my mechanic & ..... supposedly... there was a leak on (or around) the evaporator core. So, he replaced that. While in there he seen that the neck on the heater core was rubbing on something, so he replaced that as well to prevent an issue down the road. (Just FYI, you have to remove the entire dash to get to all of this. 7 hrs labor so it gets expensive to replace these two items).
The evaporator core has oil & dust/dirt clogged front where it had been leaking then dust collecting over a period of time. It was really a mess. So, I am hoping this was my only leak & things will be fine for a while with this. Its been two days, so we'll see if it continues to hold.

The ac does blow cold but unfortunately, this truck has never had an ac that blows really cold air, so I am assuming it is giving me its normal ac.

I appreciate everyone's advise.
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