BUY ADVICE - Ford Ranger 1999 XLT 4x4 83k Miles


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BUY ADVICE - Ford Ranger 1999 XLT 4x4 83k Miles

1999 XLT 4x4 83k Miles clean body & interior, for 3k

Truck has been sitting under a tree since 2015 but cranked right up with a new battery.
Just checked out this truck, it drives/feels ok.
Transmission is smooth while driving but the only thing I noticed was when I change from D into R it makes a slight sound like it's slamming it in but just a little bit.

Second the case underneath it has slight oil wetness. It's not dripping but just slight wetness. Me thinks the rear main bearing is leaking.
On Torque - No CEL but for catalyst and evap system were both incomplete. Do catalytic converters need to be replaced or just a case of truck sitting for so long?

I have a STD cab xlt 1998 71k miles, I don't have a 4x4 system to worry about. But this being a 4x4 are there issues associated with the 4x4 system? I intend for the truck to be a city truck, usual Lowes, HD, etc runs.
I tested both 4x4HI & LO and truck drove ok. When I tried moving from 4x4HI to LO while the truck was still in D but stopped. Even though the button was on 4x4LO it just stayed on 4x4HI. Later I stopped shifted to park, shifted to 4x4LO but only 4x4HI showed on display. Is this a sign there's an issue with the 4x4 system? or was it a mistake on my part to engage 4x4 with shift in D even though the truck was stopped?

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Only advice I have for any used car, find a local independent shop and pay the $50 or what ever they charge for a used car inspection, it is worth every penny!
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Welcome to the forums.

You didn't mention the vehicle location but if it's in a snowbelt area...... I'd be very mindful of having the brake and fuel lines checked for rust thru. I agree with Marq's idea of inspection.
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Location is Dallas TX.
That's a good tip all the same.
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You have to put the shifter in neutral before engaging 4X4 Low, you willl hear it lock in. That's the only way it will engage and you have to put it in neutral again for it to disengage and that's normal operation for that system. You never put it into "Low" while moving but you can go to "High" range while driving at reasonable speeds, I don't engage "High" at speeds over 45 mph and even then only when absolutely necessary. And that's pretty low miles for the year model and 3K is a pretty good price.
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The biggest problem with that generation ('98-'00) Ranger 4WD system is by far the PVH (Pulse Vacuum Hub) engagement system that Ford used during those couple of years. The PVH system relied upon vacuum to engage/disengage the front hubs.

What would happen is, after some years of service, the vacuum hubs would start failing to engage/disengage (even though the transfer case was doing its job). In short, the hubs were no longer "locking in" or out. Said failure is/was almost always due to vacuum leaks at the hubs that had developed over time. Just wear and tear doing its thing, some might say.

In any case, there are several fixes: (1) convert the PVH front hubs to "constant engagement" hubs by modifying the existing PVH hubs; or (2) change out the entire PVH front drive assembly to the OEM "constant engagement" assembly found on post '01+ Rangers and earlier Explorers; or probably the easiest (3) purchase and install a pair of Rugged Ridge manual lockers.

Check out:

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