oil change sensors

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oil change sensors

What's everyones opinion on the oil change sensors? I have an 2015 f150.
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There really aren't sensors. That's strictly a reminder anyway.

for the most part.... it's a combination of engine running times and starts.
It's strictly a timed function with a little bit of voodoo magic.

The best thing to do is to keep track of the mileage and base your oil change on that.
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So the oil life monitors are pretty sophisticated, they use algorithms that calculates mileage, idle time, engine temperatures, trip times, engine loads, and ignition starts and stops.

The algorithm establishes oil change interval depending on severity of conditions.

The old philosophy of changing oil every 3K miles is old school despite what your local oil change shop says!!
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I can't say this is the reason they are there, but they're a modern convenience so use them. If you're racking up miles on a regular basis, under "normal" driving conditions, use them as a guide to know when to schedule your vehicle for service. But if the vehicle sets for extended periods of time, or if you have a lot of miles on dusty roads, then you need to be more proactive in scheduling service. We've had a lot going on the past couple of years, not a lot of time for recreation, so I finally fired the 'vette up the other day and am sure it shows thousands of miles left since it has only a few hundred miles on the last oil change, but that was almost two years ago, so guess what it's getting this weekend.
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I will admit it seems improbable that they would be able to tell me when to change the oil, but to be honest I am torn because my truck says that it has about 10% life left and the color still looks ok. With the driving I do the estimation matches with what is said on the ford website.
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Color does not indicate the viability of oil. Most oil will turn black a soon as it reaches a certain temp and stay black. But that does not indicate the quality. As mentioned above, time, engine starts, type of driving and type of oil all play a part on how often you should change oil. All syn oil used on a car (designed to use synthetic oi) that sees only high speed highway miles can go an easy 10k.

Also I learned just recently that car oil monitors are calibrated depending on the oil they use. So a car that uses a blend of organic and syn oil will indicate an oil change based on driving conditions. But that same car if using all synthetic will give the same indication of an impeding change even though the oil can most likely go several thousand miles longer (the monitor assumes a blend). However, switching to an all synthetic oil will not do any harm to an engine. And in most cases can go a easy 6 K to 7 K in normal driving conditions. But if only used in city stop an go, then 5 k would be the smart range (think taxi service as severe conditions)

And as also stated above, any car sitting for 6 months or longer without moving should change oil before running again.

When my "change oil soon" warning came on recently I had no problem with waiting the near 4 weeks for a dealer appointment. But I did have a problem with a dealer that would make me wait 4 weeks for an appointment for an oil change.

One more thing. To go back to my 1st statement about color. One exception. In my snow blow, if I check the oil and the color is still golden, it's good to go. I never use it enough to allow it to turn color. Usually good for at least two seasons.

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