Enclosed Trailer


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Enclosed Trailer

I am researching to get an enclosed trailer, similar to this one:


Actually, I am planning to buy about 5x8 feet or a Clam Shell. What am I hauling? I am not sure yet but in general, when I flip homes, I need to dispose carpet, carry remodeling tools, furniture, etc...

  • Where can I buy a used enclosed trailer? I have checked Craiglist, Amazon, EBay, etc...
  • Is a license plate required?
  • Is car insurance required?
  • Does it need DMV registration fee?
  • Are there any other State (CA) level requirements?
  • Can I park it on the street and move it every 3 days?

For the components, I will have a hitch installed on my Tacoma, following this guide:

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You didn't say what state you are in but I assume California. Check your state's regulations for trailers. That will tell you what is required. I assume you will need to register it and get a license plate. Insurance will probably be up to you as long as your towing vehicle has liability insurance coverage.

As for the parking. Again, only you know where you are located so check with your local authorities. I can tell you that having to move the trailer every three days will get old very quickly and the authorities might not accept simply moving it. Those regulations are often in place to prevent what you are doing to keep spaces available for parking.

The big problem with a 5x8 enclosed trailer is they almost all have a low ceiling height. I would look for or buy a custom made one that has a ceiling height tall enough to stand inside, and even better be able to walk through the door without banging your head. Once you get up to 6x10 they are usually over 6' tall and allow many people to stand up inside.
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This info is coming from someone that there nickname was Trailer Joe because I owned to many.
For sure you would find out real quick that 5 X 8 will be about useless, it's just two small and will be far harder to back up.
The shorter the trailer the faster it will jack knife when backing.
I've owned a small one like that and sold it within 6 months, bought a 12', still to short.
It would have been far cheaper in the end if I had of bought the right length the first time.
My 6 X 14 has plenty of room for shelving, tool boxes and still has room if I need to go pick up materials or bring an extention ladder to a job.
Siding, rolls of carpet or linolium all are longer then 8'.
I'd also suggest getting one with a ramp door, not barn doors.
It makes it so much easier to just roll a hand truck up the ramp, and the trailer could also be used for something like moving a riding mower around.
If your looking on Craigslist be very careful, I'm flagging about 500 scam ads a month on there.
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I would suggest that the smallest dimension for any utility trailer be 5' x 10'.
It would allow you to haul plywood and common 8' long dimension lumber and not have problems closing the door or gate.

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