Whining noise from rear of truck


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Whining noise from rear of truck

I have a 2015 Colorado and I'm beginning to get a whining noise that sounds like it's coming from the rear of the truck. The noise begins around 45 mph and is the loudest between 50-60 mph. If you ease back on the gas pedal just a little it will "instantly" stop, touch the gas pedal and the sound will "instantly" comes back on again. The Chevy dealer has no idea where the noise is coming from except they believe it's coming from the rear of the truck. They said they could possibly find the problem but they would have to start pulling everything apart starting with the differential which could be costly and no guarantees that's where the sound is coming from. Has anyone experienced a problem like this before or have an idea what could be causing this whining sound?
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My first thought is the rear U-Joint is going bad.
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The Chevy dealer has no idea where the noise is coming from except they believe it's coming from the rear of the truck.
Well.... that's terribly helpful. Based on my experiences with dealers..... this could be a costly repair.

U-joints can make noise but they are fairly predictable and don't usually whine like that.
What is being described sounds like a pinion/ring issue. The gap between them based on setup, wear, overloading and lubrication failure can make a whine. However in my opinion it shouldn't be happening on a 5 year old truck. The pinion bearing can also go bad but the whine doesn't usually change when you let off the gas.

When there were a lot of speed shops around there were a lot of guys that specialized in transmissions and differentials. Many guys working on transmissions also work on or have worked on differentials. I'd check with a transmission shop and see if they have any guys that are knowledgeable.

Just curious.... how many miles and has the gear lube ever been changed/checked ?
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pinion/ring issue
That was my though as I read the post.

Some times they just make noise!
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Checking the gear oil in the diff would have been my first step.
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Does your truck have 2/4 wheel drive? My opinion is it comes from the rear differential, especially if it has limited slip.
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I had a similar problem with my truck. It turned out to be a spacer in the differential. The spacer provided the proper lash between the gears. When the spacer broke the pressure when under load pushed the gears apart and made a noise. The instant you got off the throttle the pressure on the gears was removed and no more sound. I'm glad I caught it early so it was mostly just labor cost but if I'd let it go I would have had a sizable parts cost to add to the bill.
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I'm going to take it to a different Chevy dealer and get a second opinion, if they can't give me an answer I'll try a transmission shop that also works on differentials. I'll keep you updated on what I find out....
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Maybe if you let her sit up front she would stop whining.
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Shouldn't be that hard to ID the source of the whine. Get the truck up on a lift, put it in gear, load it with the brake and get it up to 50MPH. A second tech should be able to hear exactly where it's coming from under the vehicle. If your dealer can't do that simple troubleshooting process, find another mechanic.
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That's exactly what I thought, you would think a Chevy dealership could pin point what the problem is. They told me it wasn't anything to be concerned about for now until the whining gets worse, by then I could end up with more problems than I already have. I'm making an appointment with a different dealership and see what they tell me...
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How many miles on truck? How old are the tires? Are they wearing evenly? When were they last rotated?
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