1990 F150 won't start


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1990 F150 won't start

90 f150 4.9 i6 won't start. I bought this truck in June 2020 for a good price at the time the owner had no idea what was wrong with it. The lady told me they had the truck in the shop because it was over heating and the shop replaced the radiator!?! Being the decent human being I try to be, i told the lady that I believe that she was ripped off because usually if a vehicle is doing that 9 times out of 10 it is a thermostat around $7 at the parts store. When I looked under the hood she told me it had been parked for about two weeks because when her son drove it last he heard a loud noise and all the antifreeze had come out. Thats when I noticed the lower hose had been blown off at the radiator. So I crawled under the truck and hooked it back up then filled it with water so I could start it up. When I did it fired right no problem i let it run for 5 or ten minutes to see if it would get hot but it didn't so I offered her a fair price I think which was $200 less then what she asked for she told me she needed to talk to her husband about it and she would call me the next day anyway I got the truck cheap plus my time in exchange for the truck I replaced the thermostat and was fine for a while then I started having issues one right after another waterpump then o2 censor, egr, oil sending unit fuel pump,mass air flow censor but now one day it runs good the next out won't ive had to keep adjusting the timing in order for it to even start some days now with this cold weather it decided it was done it started yesterday and ran for a little over 5 minutes but then died as soon as I walked away from it now it will not start at all and I've tried everything I could think of and about at my wits end. To add to my list of problems whoever owned it before them cut off the cat and put a strait ppipe on and left all the emissions cans hooked up. Well seeing my vacuum lines needing replaced I finally replaced a few that I could one that was hooked up to a can right between the radiator and battery had charcoal in the line itself and was completely packed so no air could pass through I did replace the battery from a 750 cca to a 850 cca but it still would not start. So now I'm getting really frustrated with this truck as I have spent numerous hours and money on fixing this truck from fixing all the rust holes to painting the truck to a two tone also replaced the bench seat with Captain's chairs out of a van used some really hard wood and made door handles to replace the missing ones! Lots of blood sweat and tears as I never took on a project like this before and I'm not ready to sell it I would like to enjoy the fruits of my labor for a little while. Can't do it case it seams like every week something else goes wrong main issue has been not running right loss of power unless I barley touch the gas pedal one day then the next day it will drive fine I'm sure that I will need a new battery as I took the other one back after it wouldn't start the truck for me. Please any insight would be nice also since cat is gone is there any reason I shouldn't remove the vacuum lines from the cans that are allowing charcoal to be sucked into the line itself?
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I think at this point you need to describe a little better in detail than... it wont crank & it just died after 5 minutes.

I'll mention a couple of things at this point. You said you have to keep adjusting the timing. Now it just died. Timing chain/belt &/or timing gear bad, which allows the belt/chain to slip & get out of time. Now, its slipped so far out of time that it died & wont start. I highly doubt anything timing related is broken (chain/belt/gear) because it would be turning over super fast when trying to crank it. I think you'd certainly know the difference & not go get a new battery for that.
You said you got a new battery. Could be a bad starter if its turning over slowly.
You said it just died. Is it out of gas? I mean, it could be electrical, fuel or air related. At this point, I think we need some better info on what happened when it died & what is happening when you try to start it.
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Welcome. Way too much information so like Dixie said a shorter and more concise explanation would help. So I'm not sure what the problem actually is, but do know that Ford had some sensitive fuel shut off's on their pickups around that time. Don't know exactly how sensitive they were, nor how often such things occurred, but do know of several that left guys scratching their heads for a bit when they backed up a bit hard to hitch a trailer or hay wagon and it shut the truck off. Seems like there was a reset under the hood or maybe behind a kick panel.

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