'97 F150 Multiple Transmission Problems

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'97 F150 Multiple Transmission Problems

About 6 months ago i helped my brother repair the 1-2 shift fork since it was grinded down (common problem with the M50DR2 transmission) and everything has been working good until about a month ago. It takes several tries to get the shift knob into 1st and when accelerating sometimes will make a grinding noise when accelerating faster than usual. The clutch needs to be pressed all the way down to the floor and doesnt have any pressure when you press down on it also.

On the freeway the truck starts to vibrate (right where the transmission is) pretty bad anywhere above 70mph and when i looked, it seems the transmission and axle arent aligned right and when i asked him if he knows why, he said he had to use a jack up against the side of the transmission to push it into alignment when he was tightening up the strut(?) bars that go underneath the tranny to hold it up. Now when i take it for a drive, i hear a rattling right through the hole where the shift knob goes down into that gets worse the more gas i give it and through each gear but on 5th, it goes away at 70-80 when im only hitting enough gas to keep it at the same speed.

i know this all sounds like a huge headache but this is the truck we use for work nearly everyday (we're landscapers) so to have it break down would be bad, let alone it not running right as it is. If anyone has the knowledge and is nice enough to let me know what the problem(s) could be itd be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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The lack of pressure on the clutch sounds like the Clutch slave cylinder, which isn't very expensive ($50 when I did mine) but it's a real pain to get to, since it's inside the bell housing.

When you replace it, you should have the clutch plate done too. I didn't because my 2002 is just a beater truck, but the clutch plate might be why you are getting the grinding. Or it might be the slave, but its one of those things where it's so much work to takemthe transmission out that you might as well do the clutch plate while it's off.

When I did my slave cylinder I dropped the driveshaft, removed the gearshift and made a cart to hold the transmission and just rolled it back as far as I could, (about 5") just enough so I could slip the old slave cylinder off and put the new one on, and put it back together. I did not do the clutch plate because i didn't want to take the tranny out, it just stayed on the cart.

It was a real pain, doubt I would do it myself again. At the time it was my only truck so I HAD to fix it or I was out of work.

As for your vibration, sounds like he jacked that up and I doubt there is any fixing it.

Only other thing is that sometimes the bolt that goes through the clutch pedal will wear out the end of the bracket and that lets the clutch wobble which loses you a little bit of pedal. Saw that on a YouTube video, but mine was still okay. If the pedal itself has a lot of play/wobble, you could look into that.
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I just bought a 97 F150 knowing it needed some transmission work, just not sure what kind yet. I'm a body tech with some basic mechanical knowledge, but have never messed with an automatic transmission outside of changing one. It currently has a rebuilt transmission in it with only a couple thousand miles. From what I was told it slips going into third gear from second under load or hard acceleration. It's not currently registered so I haven't been able to take it out and tell for sure what it's doing.

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