Asbestos in vintage camping trailer?

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Asbestos in vintage camping trailer?

I bought a small camping trailer yesterday and took out the old carpet and carpet padding.

Reading up on other info, I came across possible asbestos in these trailers.
it is a 1963 year model SPCNS.

It has wood paneling for the wall and plywood floors and cabinets.
the only insulation Iíve seen so far was a pink sheet wrapped around a box that a small food storage slides into.

I see no tile or loose fill insulation. Maybe wall paper on the cabinets is bad?

1 roof panel is sagging but I was just going to screw it back in.
I had no plans to re do the wood walls or floor. Just add new linoleum flooring and sand and paint the walls/ceiling.

Iím going to buy a test sample kit and send it for testing. Just wanting to hear anyone elseís thoughts or suggestions.

What items should I remove and send for testing?

Heres some photos of the interior panels.

Thank you.
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Don't see any pictures............... How to insert pictures.

SPCNS = specialty constructed vehicle. Built by a private party.... not a manufacturer..... and not for resale. Typically no interior inspections.

In all the years I've been around campers and RV's.... I don't recall any asbestos problems.
However..... who knows what was used by a DIYer.
It's not going to be in the pink insulation or in wood. Possibly wallpaper glue.

Asbestos itself is not hazardous. It's the dust that comes from disturbing asbestos. It gets into the lungs. In my opinion it's no more dangerous than the fiberglass particles from generic pink insulation. Any time you work with something like that.... wear a particulate mask.

If you're going to make dust.... put a fan in a window and draw the air out of the camper.
Create negative pressure.
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Sorry, here are the pictures. I havenít looked closely at the walls, so Iím not sure if it is paint or wall paper with asbestos glue/sealant.

The walls and floor are solid to paint over.
but removing the wall paper may be a task if it is in fact wall paper. I donít see the common wall paper failures Iíve seen before, flaking or peeling at the edges.

So no asbestos in the pink insulation? That is good news.

What items should I send in for testing?
I was planning on doing a light sanding on the walls for paint.

Should I send in any dust that comes off the walls when sanding?

I am going to peel back a roof panel, wall panel and possibly a floor panel to see what insulation was used. Should I send it that insulation too, even if itís the pink sheets?

Hereís some pictures of the interior and an old registration card.

Appreciate the help. I am eager to get back to the restoration.

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I wouldn't worry about it, go ahead and do your work using a paper mask when needed. Not saying asbestos isn't hazardous but IMO the TV lawyers have over blown how bad it is. As long as you limit the dust you inhale you should be fine. Many of us worked around asbestos for yrs before we were aware of the health hazards and have no ill effects.
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Thanks. I am going to move forward.
I will be testing the paint for lead though.

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