help! i'm tired...


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help! i'm tired...

my kitchen drain is clogged. i've tried plunging and opening the trap to see if the plug is beyond it, but the sink only drains when the disposal is running. i thought that might mean that there's junk in the disposal itself, but it looks clean when i peer in with a flashlight. i cannot think of any other sensible action, would pouring gallon after gallon of drain opener work?

thank you in advance for any and all replies, i'm lost.
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Don't bother with the drain cleaner.

It sounds like something is in the disposal. Take off the trap and look in the disposal from that end. There may be a screen or grate on the outlet side. See if it can be removed. Check inside for obstructions. Turn off the power first.

Try running the disposal with extremely hot water running. If it's a grease-based clog, that may dissolve it. Also try filling the disposal with ice cubes, turn it on, and let the ice disintegrate. It acts like a sandblaster inside. With the disposal running, turn on the water to flush it.

The next step is to remove the disposal, put a trap back in and test the drain. If it works, you're probably going to have to open up the disposal.
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thank you! i couldn't believe i was up until 5:30am dealing with it, but your advice was invaluable.
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sometimes when you turn on the disposal the motor is pushing water down the drain. when it hits a clog in the drain it either pushes some water past the clog or it backs water up the vent pipe and water shoots out the vent and onto the roof. Sometimes you get bits of food and stuff all over the shinges.
just a note, if the problem happens again then I would put a snake down the drain line. I usually use a 3/8" for 1 1/2" or 2" drain lines. You can rent these or call the rooter guy.
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yikes. that makes sense, though. i'll post once the sink is finally behaving normally again. i didn't know it would be so complicated!
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thanks folks!

so the sink is finally fixed. i called in my landlord (who was away for a long weekend) who brought out a guy who found the problem in another apartment. go figure. at least now i feel confident for next time.

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