Water heater needs Pepto Bismol


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Unhappy Water heater needs Pepto Bismol

All of our hot (only) water lines have started spitting and sputting air. The tank (electric) is 6 years old, but has no leaks and is still heating just fine. Cold water runs fine (no air). We haven't a clue as to where or how the air is getting in. We have no problem in buying a new tank, but don't want to spend the money unnecessarily. Any ideas?? Thanks, Ted
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Are you on a well?
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Yes, we're on a well, and we have had air in the lines before. We did suspect it in the beginning, but air is always in both lines, not just the hot water side. Anyway, after many days of the silly thing belching air, it seems to have cured itself. It must have just been sucking air from a low well. My wife confessed to useing more water than usual the day before it started. I guess we'll be watching it a little closer this hot summer. Thanks, Ted
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Talking Oops. I was wrong!!

It seems as though I was mistaken. The silly thing is still acting up. For the life of me I can't figure what's making it do this. It seems to be the hot water tank alright, but where is the air coming from? Help---please. Thanks, Ted
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I am on a well and have the same problem of hot water and air venting out of relief valve.The valve has been changed .We did not have this problem before the annual service of the furnace.It is forced hot water.We have a very high water table here so I dont think its because of low well water .There are no problems with air on the cold water side . Any Ideas . Only 1 more year to city water . Just what I want , another bill .And a bill for 10000 grand to get hooked up .Oh yeah , its tankless hot water.Some told me it may be the precharge canistor.It does have pressure I checked that but I have been told they get full after time . It does not appear to be to heavy.

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