Toilet Seat Bolts


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Toilet Seat Bolts

ok i'm having troubles loosening up the toilet seat bolts on the toilet seat they wont tighten or loosen these are plastic bolts and nuts that hold the seat onto the toilet any suggestions as to how to break these loose. Don,
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If you tried a screwdriver and a wrench and that did not help then you will probably have to saw them off with a hack saw. Be carefull not to crack the tank or bowl. Good luck.
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Try some WD40 if they are metal. If plastic then nip at them with a sharp angle pliers. You could also drill them out from the top.
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they are plastic not metal
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Cut or drill them off.
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i was thinking of that but getting there will be tricky to do it safely
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Talking Nip it or Grip it

Using a sharp nipper, nip it piece by piece until it's unfrozen.
You can also grip it tight with a vise-grip and turn it.
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Sawzall = 10 sec

no sawzall, use a hacksaw blade only, wrap some electrical tape around the end you are making your handle with. Will take less than 45 sec each for plastic bolts.
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ok got one of the plastic nut things off not actully a nut but found out the other bolt is metal. so plastic nut and metal bolt bolt is diffrent then what i have seen just have to figure out how to free or loosen the other nut up. at least its halfway done. Don,
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ok i tryed a socket on it this morning could not find one but found a 3/4 inch wrench worked on it. not sure what size socket will work not also sure if it will be a 8 or 12 point socket to fit this one. Don,

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