Re-Charging H2O Pressure Tank


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Re-Charging H2O Pressure Tank

I have re-charged it a couple times before, but didn't have any problem & I guess I forgot how I did it.
The pump has been kicking in for about every half gallon that is run, so I figured it is time to re-charge.
I turn the water valve off that feeds the house, turn off the power to the pump & release all the water thru a valve that is near the floor.
There is a spigot that still allows water to come out that is above the valve mentioned above, but it eventually loses pressure & the water stops. If I leave this spigot open when I put pressure to the tank, water starts coming out. If I close the spigot & start putting in air, the pressure gauge doesn't go up (I believe it did the previous times).
So, what I ended up doing was getting all the pressure down on both valves, then just turned the power on to the pump & let it fill.
Another problem is that once the pump stops, the needle drifts down even with no faucets open.
Could someone please tell me the proper way to re-charge, why does water come out of the one valve & not the other & why does water start coming out once I put pressure to the tank?

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Re-Charging H2O Pressure Tank

Water comes out because the bladder is ruptured.
The bladder separates the water and air. When the bladder is full of water, the air that surrounds it will force the water out on demand. When the bladder ruptures, the tank fills completely with water, leaving no room for air. This causes the pump to short cycle, as you have seen with yours.
The solution is to replace the tank with a new one.
Best regards,
Ron Peeks
R.L. Peeks Pump Sales

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