Accident waiting to happen??


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Accident waiting to happen??

I happened to look inside the toilet tank today and noticed that there were two very rusty spots about the size of a quarter on the bottom of the tank. As best I can tell, it's something rusting on top of rubber (?) washers where the tank is bolted to the seat part. My concern is that something is getting ready to rust through and I will have a tankful of water on my bathroom floor (and elsewhere). Is there something I should do or is this normal?


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You are looking at the tops of the bolts that hold the tank to the bowl. Replacement can be very easy or a bear.

Don't want to scare you but have seen these break when no one was home and leak was substancial. You may want to replace them in your own time as something to do on a slow day.
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When I have time I'll cut the water off, drain the tank and see how things look and feel. If I decide to replace the bolts, I have a second bath I can use if I run into problems and have to get a plumber.
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Just get a set of new toilet tank bolts, hacksaw the old ones, and install the new ones.

Toilet Tank Bolts
Good Luck!

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