New faucet on front of house


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New faucet on front of house

I'd like to have an outside faucet on the front of my house. Most of the plumbing items are on the back of the house (bathrooms, washer, etc.) Would it cost alot to run a pipe to the front and put in a spigot?



P.S. Other duplexes in this development have a front faucet next to their garage. My garage was converted to living space by the previous owner. Is there an easy was to find out if piping is there, just capped off? (ie, other than punching hole in wall)
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Several if's on answer.

If you have open plumbing which is accessable.
If the pipe are copper.
If you want the hose bib installed where there is no finished wall on the inside to repair....then...

yes, it would be a fairly straight forward, easy installation. Any no's, problems start to happen.

Give more details on your setup, some one will answer you....
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The ex-garage is only roughly finished off. There's painted drywall, but taping shows thru and there are holes, so it needs work. In fact, at the back of the room there is a 1 sq.ft. hole in the wall where the previous owner had a cold water fountain (the plumbing is capped but he never repaired the hole). The pipe there is copper and the drain line white plastic.

The wall at the front of the house is finished on the inside, but since I have to repair the water fountain hole anyway, I'm thinking another
hole for the front plumbing wouldn't be that big an issue, especially if there's already
pipe there.
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Is your home over a basement or crawlspace?
If it is, you should be able to easily see if there is a line run to the front of the house.
If there isn't, you can cut into a copper cold water line, and solder in a line over to where you want to install the new outdoor faucet.
Use a threaded frost-free faucet that screws into a female fitting on the end of the copper water line, so that it will be easy to replace if necessary.
Let us know more detail, and we'll try to help you.
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The house is a split level, and the ex-garage is at ground level with no crawl space that I know of. So the pipe would either already have to be in the wall or it would need to be run. It sounds like I need to get someone in who knows more than I; I'm afraid I'd cut wiring or something if I start punching holes in walls looking for pipe. Oh well, add it to the list of projects...

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