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Question Horizontal Venting

I finished my basement and put in a bathroom. I had a plumber rough in drain lines into the cement floor and submerge a sewage ejector into the ground. The plumber placed the sewage tank just under the main sewage drain line coming into the house. And had the waste pump into it. No problem there. But since there was no vent stack to tap into he attached the vent pipe into the same main drain line. Since the drain pipe is mostly air it worked. I have a toilet, bathroom sink, and a double wash tub all draining into the sewage ejector tank. Now I get sewer gases coming up from all the sink drains. We rarely use the toilet in the basement so I don't think it's from sewage from the tank as much as maybe when the tank ejects the vent pipe maybe actually drawing sewer gas from the drain line into the tank and up through the p-traps of the sinks. Bust I can't be sure. My other option for venting is to horozontally vent out the side of the house. Is this the cause of my problem? And if so, if I vent horozontally what is the common code to vent this way. IPC says 10 ft from a window and 10 ft above grade. will this solve the problem or will I still have the sewer gas smell. Before I put another hole in my house I want to be absolutely sure.
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I forgot to mention....

IPC says 10ft above grade and 10 ft from the nearest window. But I heard of people mentioning a "3 ft cheat vent" out the side of the house. Which is correct?
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Oh and one more thing......

The p-traps appear to be full of water. Can there be that so much sewer gas in the drains that it get's through the water in the p-trap?
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Was not this plumber's work permitted and inspected?
Check with your local Building Inspection Department for local plumbing code about what you can and cannot do there.
It sounds like water draining through the drain line is siphoning trap water out while creating another "vent".
Good Luck!
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I do have AAV's for the washtub sink and the bathroom sink. Can sewer gas ever get through the water in the p-trap?
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Just a couple of questions.

What did you use to vent the toilet?

How did the plumber actually vent into the main, a tee at an angle or what?

AAV will occasionally get lodged open from just something being sucked into it, even bugs. You may want to check out yours to make sure there is a positive seal.
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the toilet doesn't have it's own vent, since it's only a couple of feet from the tank which is vented.

The vent pipe comes up from the floor then two 90 Degree elbows over the main drain line and then down into an angled Y.

Since we rarley ever use the toilet in the basement and the ejector pumps out and standing sewage from the tank and there is a back flow valve, I don't belive that the sewer gas is coming from the sinks or the toilet. If the vent is hooked into the main drain line wouldn't the likely scenario be that the ejector tank is drawing in sewer gas from the main drain? Also, where the ejector is connected is close the pipe going through the wall of the house to the street. There is no vertical vent close to where the ejector tank is connected. I havea bar sink set up on a different pump with the same set up with the vent connected to the main drain. The difference there is that connection is close to a vertical vent in the drain line.

As far as the AAV's I have one for each sink but what are the chances that both don't work? Since they allow air to be drawn into the drain line what effect does that have with expelling sewer gas?

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