well problems


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well problems

A little background on the system...we have a drilled well with a submersible pump. Recently the breaker has been shutting off for the pump. We had a problem before with the well but the pump never shut off even when the well was dry. Now we know there is water in the well because the last time it went dry we were getting sand coming out of the faucets. That isnt happening now but whenever we turn the breaker on it shuts right off again. The pressure reading at the gauge was always in between 30 and 40 lbs. but is reading 0 at the moment. The tank pressure is at 30 lbs. I have tried to adjust the settings on the pressure switch but this doesn't seem to do anything. I bypassed the pressure switch to see if the pump would stay running on its own but it still blows the breaker. Am I looking at getting a new pump or is there a reason the pump would blow the breaker possibly if the well was dry which I dont think it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I call in a professional. At least something I could share with them when they arrive. Thanks
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Make sure the breaker is not defective first. It is the least expensive fix and may be the problem
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well problems

There are a number of different things that could be wrong. If the breaker blows as soon as you turn it on, it usually indicates a direct short. This could be in the breaker box, the pump control box (if it has one), the submersible cable, or the pump itself.
Since the well has produced sand in the past, it could be that the pump is plugged up with sand and will not rotate. This, too, would open the breaker almost immediately.
At this point it's wise to bring in the pros. Hopefully the problem will be minor.
Good luck,
Ron Peeks
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Thanks a lot people. I am showering again. It was a faulty breaker. Saved me a bundle by doing it myself. Nothing like the sound of a pump spewing water. Thanks again.
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I guess I spoke to soon...the pump is working but the pressure switch isnt shutting off when the pressure is reached and the breaker is blowing again. The pressure gauge is reading about 30 lbs but the switch isnt shutting off. I have adjusted the switch to its limit but it still isnt cutting off. If the pressure in the tank was too high would that cause the switch not to shut off or is it possible the switch is faulty. I just put it on a month ago. If I have a tap open the system seems to run fine until I shut it off. Then the system regains the pressure and blows the breaker. Help. Thanks
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At what pressure does the pump trip the breaker. Depending on your system you should have a maximum pressure of about 50 psi. Also make sure your guage is accurate.
The proper way to check a submersible pump is to have a clamp on ammeter on the pump circuit, checking the current draw on the pump. This way you are able to tell if the starter box is working correctly and if the pump is drawing a reasonable amount of current at the cut-out pressure.

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