toilet flushing incomplete


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toilet flushing incomplete

My toilet(s) will take up to 15 flushes before completely flushed times...SOmetimes they will make a complete flush but need to. be "done again" or sometimes they will need to be flushed several times before they will completely empty the bowl...This can happen with just water in it at times. The chain and flapper have been replaced and shortened, now what? any ideas?
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Toilets have their own built-in traps, and almost anything can get hung up in them (plastic toys, toothbrushes, curlers, feminine products, etc.).
Get a crank-handle toilet auger, feed the auger into the trap through the bowl, and crank away. If this doesn't clear it up, you may have to pull the toilet to try to auger and dislodge the blockage from underneath.
Good Luck!
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Pour a bucket of water into the toilet and see if it flushes this out and down the drain with no problems. If it takes this water and it flushes right down the drain, you have no drain problems but a toilet problem.

If it is a drain problem, do as oldguy said with the auger....

If it is a toilet problem, you probably have mineral deposits blocking some holes. Get a metal coat hanger and make your a hook about 3" long. Start by poking it in the siphon hole at the very bottom of the toilet, under the water level. Find yourself a small mirror and then poke out every hole under the rim of the toilet. There are many of these little guys, so get them all.
When you have poked out everything, flush the toilet a couple of times then turn off the water and drain the tank as much as you can. Pour a half gallon of vinegar right down the hole the flapper covers. Close flapper and pour rest of vinegar in bowl of toilet. Turn the water back on in an hour or so and flush toilet several times. If all works as it should, great...If not, time for a new toilet...

Have fun and let us know what turns up....
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All good suggestions but it might be simpler. I had a similar problem and it was just that the tank was not filling up enough. The shut-off mechanism was not adjusted to fill enough. To see if this is the problem, fill the tank a few inches higher with a pail and see if the subsequent flush is everything you desire. If you have the the donught-sliding-up-the-pole type it can be raised by screwing (turning) the shaft (pole) and it gets higher (its threaded) thus raising the shut-off height. Take a look at one in the hardware store if this is not clear. If it is a different type figure how to get it to fill higher.

Good luck. A good flush is better than a full house.

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