clogged garbage disposal


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clogged drain
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Angry clogged garbage disposal

my garbage disposal is clogged since we tried to grind potato skins. the blades still spin but the water stays in the sink even though we used drano type stuff what should i do? can i fix this problem?
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Yep, you can fix it--1st remove clean-out plug,snake drain (maybe even run water hose into drain line) until it clears,then put pail under p trap, don eye protection and rubber gloves--because of Draino-- loosen fittings, remove p trap,snake pipe that goes into wall and down into drain line, reach into disposer and remove everything that is not part of disposer, reattach p trap, turn water on, then turn disposer on. Let water run for 1-2 mins.
Never put Draino in disposer or toilet. Disposers are great--as long as you remember: (a) run water first, (b) feed slowly -especially any kinds of peels, and (c) run lots of water after.
Hope this helps
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No "A-Peel" in the disposal

I don't let anyone at my house put potato peels in the disposal.

About a year or two ago, my father-in-law tried to run a whole bunch of potato peels down our old disposal, clogged it up real good. I DISCONNECTED THE DISPOSAL (VERY IMPORTANT ... if the disposal is hard-wired, turn off the breaker or remove the fuse, as applicable), pulled all the peels out of the disposal and ... NOTHING ... when I reconnected the disposal, the line was still clogged. Luckily, the trap was plastic, so after disconnecting again, I dissassembled the trap and pulled out a whole lot of potato peels from the trap, the horizontal pipe, etc. Luckily, the stuff had clogged solid before the elbow where the pipe meets the wall, so when I was through with the accessible stuff, it drained well.

I wound up having to replace the disposal but that was 'cuz the thing was old and tired, but now, even with the new disposal, we put potatoe peels (and carrot peels, apple peels, etc.) in the trash (gotta get that compost pile going again).

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