Water backing up into tub


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Water backing up into tub

In my second floor bathroom I have a tub, toilet, and sink. (duh )

I've only been in my house for 2 months, and the toilet has worked fine up to this point. The other day it would not flush properly, it would fill up really high, then slowly lower down.

Now when I flush water backs up into the tub, which comes in between the toilet and the mainline, leading me to believe that the mainline (or just before the mainline) is plugged up upstairs.

Today I went to Home Depot determined to get some DrainCare, and the guy in the plumbing section steered me to some "10 minute hair remover" saying it was the best they had.

I've used about 3 treatment's of that stuff and the problem remains.

I have pulled a huge clump of hair out of the bathtub drain, and rust and crap seems to be coming out of the bathtub when I really plunge the toilet after flushing.

As I'm a new homeowner I really can't afford to have roto rooter come out and charge me $100+. The piping I can see from the bathtub and toilet (access panel through a closet) is PVC. The tub is an old wrought iron with a new fiberglass cover to it.

Any advice?
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The main waste line from this bathroom is clogged. The chances of a chemical drain cleaner curing it are about 2 -- none, and NONE!! A plunger will do nothing for you. The only remedy is a snake, 1/2" or larger. That will set you back about $20-$25, and should take maybe an hour. Using a garden hose with a spray nozzle from the roof vents MAY work, but do you have access to a second story roof? The ladder to get you there will set you back a couple hundred dollars. (And do you REALLY want to go there??)
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Where do I use the snake from?

I bought a 25' snake at home depot, it has a twisting handle on it. I tried feeding it through the tub but I can't remove the metal drain thing. Do I use this snake thru the toilet?

Originally I thought it was the toilet so I bought a toilet auger. I think that just pushed the clog to the main line.

Again I have the snake, where to I use it from?
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You probably will have the best luck removing this clog through the toilet closet bend line.
Remove the toilet, and snake the line clear from there.
Do a search (above) on toilets for the how-to, or just come back and ask. There are plenty of previous posts.
Good Luck!
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I did a search and did not find any good instructions.

Is this difficult to do?
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Found this:

If you have a clogged toilet and can't unblock it with a plunger, you may need to remove it. Fortunately, you probably have both the tools and the skills necessary.

Adjustable wrench
Phillips- and flat-head screwdrivers
Slip-joint pliers
Wax ring

Shut off the water supply at the toilet valve. Drain the tank by flushing it. You may need to operate the flapper valve manually to prevent an overflow. Then use a plunger to remove as much water as possible from the bowl.
Place a towel behind the toilet to absorb spills.
Remove the water supply from the threaded inlet on the bottom of the tank (figure A).
Remove the bolts from the inside of the tank, and lift the tank off of the bowl.
Remove the bolts holding the toilet to the floor.
Lift the bowl straight up. The wax seal underneath may hold the toilet in place to some extent.
Remove the clog from the bottom of the toilet, or clean out the drain underneath.
Place a new wax ring (figure B) around the drain flange. It will help level and seal the toilet. Don't try to reuse the old ring.
Replace the toilet by reversing the process you used to remove it.

So I don't need to shut off the main water supply, only at the toilet?
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You found the right instructions. You only need to shut off the water at the toilet. You mentioned an access panel in a closet -- if there is a cleanout behind that panel, you should be able to snake from there.

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