winterizing pipes for getaway cabin


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Question winterizing pipes for getaway cabin

This will be our first winter to own my dream cabin (ok ok it's a single wide mobile '78 - but it's Mine ok?! haha) up in Flagstaff - mountains, snow, elk (lots), you get the picture - and a 2200 gal. cistern. My husband did drain the pipes this last weekend to see how long it would take, etc., but the process is scaring me off of using it anytime all winter like I'd hoped..Home Depot's heat tape only went to 12 ft I believe (we do have electricity, but hubby wisely is concerned if it goes out the pipes will burst.) Any feedback on the best way to keep pipes from bursting while we're away, other than just draining the pipes & hot water heater back to the cistern? (I appreciate your patience, I'm not a rocket scientist on this subject)
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winterizing pipes for getaway cabin

Hi Les;

I have a weekend cabin in upstate NY and fortunately it was designed for easy draining (just open 4 valves and open the faucets and the place is drained). I don't like heat tapes as they are unreliable and - as you note - reliant on continuous supply of electricity. Is draining the place difficult? Can it be made easier? Remember to pour the RV type of antifreeze down all drains (toilet, sinks, bath, shower etc) and make sure hoses are disconnected and outside faucets are opened. Make a checklist for when you arrive and another for when you leave so you don't forget anything. These things can be a pain in the butt oooooh how lovely to be there. Sorry I don't have a fix-all remedy. Oh, add to your list....turn water heater on after it is filled and before it is drained have extra element on hand just in case. Enjoy your little piece of heaven.


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You can use vegetable oil in the P-traps so they wont freeze.
It is best to install the waterpiping in a manner that it can be totally devoided.
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Thx you guys for your responses - I guess I was hoping a magic Genie would Poof! the draining work away - but as usual, that Genie is working on something else and I'll just have to do it myself! I will buckle down and learn the process and perfect it as much as possible - thx again for your responses - Les
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