Cold water pressure low at one faucet NEW faucet ???

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Question Cold water pressure low at one faucet NEW faucet ???

Just installed a new bathroom sink and faucet , the faucet is a Moen with 2 handles one COLD AND HOT

When I turn on the cold pressure is low comes out like very low flow, but Hot seems to be fine

The house is 60 yrs old , the water pipes both HOT and COLD to the faucets are copper, seems like there is some green / white build up in the cold water feed to the faucet , how can I clear any build up ?

wife is suggesting using a pipe cleaner but I think it is further down and pipe might need to be replaced?

also is it worth the expense to install a water softener system , as I am going to be replacing my hot water tank ( currently electric with a gas one) and Home Depot has package prices on those

any suggestions would be most welcome here

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The low pressure problem in the faucet could be in the cold valve, or it may be in the shut-off valve (or a pinched supply line).

Try this. Shut off the water at the shutoff valves. Diconnect the cold supply line from the faucet and aim it into a bucket. Turn on the cold shutoff valve and see what kind of pressure you have. IF it is normal, then the problem is in the faucet. IF it is weak, the problem is in the shut off valve. Shut the water off to the house and replace that.
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thanks for the suggestion , but I do not have shut off valves at this faucet only the main shut off , hmm I really have a feeling it is build up in the cold water pipe , but what could it be and how do i rectify this problem

back to you or anyone else
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The house is 60 years old. It was probably (about a 99% chance)plumbed with galvanized pipe originally. Somebody has converted at least part of the water piping over to copper.

First question of course, did they replace ALL of the water pipe, or just parts of it? Is there galvanized pipe anyplace in the system, from the water meter (or well, depending on which you may have) on?

First suggestion -- install shutoff valves under the lavy (and the kitchen sink while you are at it).

The odds are better that the blockage is in the faucet, with it's very narrow passages, rather than in the pipe as it's a much larger diameter. I would look for the problem there first.

As far as the water softener, it may be necessary if your water is so hard that it is creating problems. But, if the water is fine without it, why spend the money on the system? Your call on that one.
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Piping from one I can see is all copper , the faucet is BRAND NEW Moen

Are they any tricks to cleaning copper pipes out ?

no well at the house , water main in the street to the house
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If you are all copper from the water meter in, the chances of your having a clogged pipe are probably something in the range of about 1/150,000 , OR LESS. This is only affecting the cold side of one faucet. I will guarantee the blockage is in the cold valve of that faucet.
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If you "replaced" the sink and faucet the first question is... was the pressure good BEFORE you replaced it?? As stated, first check for a crimped "riser" (the flexable line from the pipe to the faucet). If that's fine then a small bit of solder may have been pushed up into the valve when the water was turned back on. You might try removing the cold side faucet cartridge (after turning off the water), then hold a towel over the open valveand have someone turn the main water valve back on for just a moment. That should flush any obstruction out! If the obstruction is to large, you may have to force some water from the top of the valve down. Again after removing the "riser". I've been in the busiiness for 30 years and I've encountered "beads" of solder fouling up a faucet a number of times.
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All these plumber types are right, bud... Copper is not prone to significant buildup... just a little bit of mineral deposit here and there and some scaly looking stuff... but if you look at the aerator on the end of the faucet you will see that it requires VERY little water from the hot OR cold side to get what looks like full volume, so it would take more than just a little buildup to cause the problems you are talking about... Also, I dont know of any product that is designed to clean copper pipes AFTER the fact, probably because they are virtually NEVER necessary with copper... Also, anything you do to break loose deposits in the copper will then create debris in the line that will likely stop up the valves and aerators worse than they are now... I would be inclined to think that one of your supplies is kinked, or you have something stopping up the stem of the faucet itself... If you have flexible supplies, you can switch them... connect the hot to cold and the cold to hot... and see if you get good water through the hot side instead of the cold... then you will know if the stoppage is in the faucet itself or in the supply....

In one rare case, I have seen a faucet mismolded in such a way that the opening on one side was simply not big enough and would now allow sufficient volume through but this is highly unlikely....

By the way, is the faucet all one piece? or did the hot and cold have to be connected to the spout underneath with some type of connectors?
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My old faucet had low water pressure on the cold side, so I thought to replace the faucet, since it was 8 years old and a cheap one. The new faucet ran fine for about a month and then the flow on the cold started to diminish.

I followed your advice by removing the cold side cartridge and flushing the feed tube out.

Cold side works fine now.

Thanks for the advice.
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Johnboy hasn't been on here for 7 years, so unfortunately, won't read your thank you.
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