sweating Vertical copper / flux-heat


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sweating Vertical copper / flux-heat

Question about sweating copper fittings for Vertical orientations
and flux / heat related:

1) I seem to recall sweating from the bottom to the top, but
why is this? is that even right ? or does it matter at all?

2) when prepping to sweat multiple fittings that might be in
close proximity(need just a little extension and then go 90deg)
If I sand and flux everything and then sweat in order ....and
things being pretty close to each other(about 1-2") that the
heat from sweating one fitting might cause the flux in a
downstream fitting to melt & run off ??

any info would be appreciated!!
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The only difference in soldering vertical is that more solder will run down the pipe and create a little more mess... but you still do it the same way, .... Just heat the fitting until the solder takes and then run enough in to drip 2 or 3 times... then move to the next joint.... If you are close enough to another joint that it causes the flux to run down on your fitting, it wont matter, when you move to that fitting next, it wont take quite as long to heat and you can solder it and go...

When you solder though, you should have a real good idea of what it looks like when solder "takes" and when it doesn't... if you heat a fitting so long that the flux just burns off and dries up, sometimes the solder will just bead up and fall off or just stick to the pipe but wont go in the fitting.... like rain on a waxed hood... if this happens, don't be afraid to brush some flux around it while you are still working the joint... dont even bother turning the torch off... just touch it up with a little flux... it will instantly melt and will take the solder then...

Always watch your flame though... dont get carried away making the joint look pretty and burn through your own hose... :0
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and the answer to your question is......................

Start at top or bottom, does not matter.
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thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info - i've been practicing on some scrap
and think i'm starting to see what i should be doing....
it's just that on the scrap pieces, i don't exactly have a way
of testing if the joint has no leaks, but i think i'm on my
Thx again!
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When soldering 1/2 and 3/4 inch fittings it doesn't matter if you start from the top or bottom. 1 inch and above you start from the bottom and work up. Otherwise when you heat the bottom the heat will pull the solder out of the top of the joint. Do not use too much heat. Heat the pipe first, then when the solder starts to run move the heat to the fitting.

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