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rookie question

This is my first attempt at repairing our kitchen sink. The slipnut connecting the kitchen drain to the metal tubing recently broke. When I took it a part I became a little confused. I don't know if this is supposed to be how everything connects.

The kitchen drain is connected to a metal pipe (with a lip at one end.) The metal pipe connects to a p-catch pipe. (The metal pipe at this end is smooth and slides into the p-catch pipe.) I connected the drain to the metal pipe (lip end) with a slipnut (works good).

I'm confused how the other end is supposed to connect to the p-catch pipe. The metal tube is smooth on this end. I slid a slipnut (with rubber washer) onto the metal tube, placed the tube slightly into the p-cath pipe and then fastened the slipnut to the p-catch pipe's threads. It works fine but technically you could slide the p-catch with the slipnut right off the metal pipe since it is entirely smooth. (If I was to try to pull them apart.) It looks like this is how the drain was originally put together but it doesn't seem right.

How would you connect an end of a tube that is entirely smooth (no threads) to another piece of tubing?

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With a slip nut and washer.
Made that way. There is no real pressure on a drain assembly.
PVC white plastic slip nuts can be hand-tightened. Chrome-plated brass need to be snugged with a wrench or channel-locks.
Good Luck!
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after everthing is tightened up the trap arm ( the part of the p-trap going into the wall) will provide enough strenth to keep the trap from slipping off the sink tailpiece( the pipe that goes from the sink strainer to the p-trap)

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