poor toilet flush


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poor toilet flush

A few days ago my toilet stopped flushing properly. Now when I flush the water just swirls around in the bowl. I read some of the old posts and have checked the following:
  • There is sufficient water in the tank
  • The flap is opening properly during the flush
  • The holes under the rim are not clogged, but I ran some wire through them anyway. Water seems to flow out pretty well.
  • If I pour a bucket of water into the bowl, the toilet flushes normally.

I also tried a plunger which helped a little, but didn't fix the problem. Is it possible that something is stuck in the trap? If so, I'm confused as to why the toilet flushes ok when I pour water into the bowl. Thanks.
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Check for a blocked up blow hole in the bottom of the toilet bowl, if plugged this will effect the flush of the toilet.
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Checked the blow hole and it's clear. I can feel water coming out of it when I flush. Also, the amount of water coming from under the rim looks comparible to my other toilet (same make/model) that flushes fine in the other bathroom. Any other thoughts?

I guess I'll pick up one of those toilet augers and give that a try.
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Calcium build up

do you have hard water?? had the same problem. cleared it up by duct taping the holes around the rim of the bowl and pouring CLR into the empty tank. the CLR cleared the holes and allowed the water to flow better with the flush.
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Ran a toilet auger all the way through and it didn't change the situation.

moranpc, how much CLR did you pour in and how long did you let it sit?
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blow hole

2yrs ago i installed 2 american standard commodes. 1 flushed fine, the other made a sucking sound, and never flushed properly. (2yrs later and a lot of tinkering) I discovered a quarter size thin piece of plastic in the blow hole. i had to prevent the water from flowing out of the tank, and that put pressure on the plastic so i could reach in and work it out. the first time i felt in the hole, i could not feel any thing. i only felt the plastic when the tank was blocked, creating more pressure. hope this helps
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Thanks for the feedback. I tried the CLR as was suggested and the first flush after I removed the duct tape worked fine. After that I got the same thing where the water swirls around. So it seems that there is some issue with the holes under the rim or the blow hole. I'm going to see if I can run some pipe cleaner or something similar through the holes to see if I can clean then out better. I do notice some build-up on the outside around some of the holes, so I'm thinking maybe this has reduced the diameter of the holes which is causing the problem.
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