can I add a Hot water heater to my boiler


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can I add a Hot water heater to my boiler

I do not get enough hot water from ny boilers coil. I was looking at hot water storage tanks but they are so expensive.... Can I install a electric hot water heater in addition to my boiler...... I can feed the hot water heater with the hot water from the boiler and then feed the house. I know I will have to do a little bit of plumbing but i can do that. The Bock starage tank I was looking at was $600.00 plus other parts like a circ pump and pipe and instalation. for a total cost of arounf 1200.00 I can put a hot water heater in for about half of that
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Elec. Heater

Yeah, you can do what you're saying, but first I'd be wondering why your boiler isn't providing enough only need about 60 deg C (or 140 F). That's not asking too much.
Usually people install elec heaters to give the boiler a break...with your curent DHW (domestic hot water system), you're constantly demanding your boiler to give you hot water. This intermittent demand is not good for your boiler and drops its efficiency way down.....$$$$$ these days!!
You add years to your boiler by installing an electric hot water heater, and let the elec. heater take care of the DHW by itself.
By doing what you're thinking, you're not really giving your boiler any break. It's still going to have the same work load it currently has.
Yes, it's true that by sending preheated water to your elec. hw tank that you'll save on your electric bill, but from what I've seen thru the years the process I just described is usually the most efficient. Make sure you insulate all your piping to maximize your efficiency. Hope this is some help.
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