well pressure tank

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well pressure tank

i have a well and my water stopped when i was using the sink.i replaced the pressure switch and i now have water but pump keeps cutting on/off when i run the water. the pressure switch is a 20/40. could this be a tank problem? thanks
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The cut-in setting on the pressure switch needs to match (or exceed by 2 lbs) the pressure in the well tank. The pressure in the well tank needs to be set with the pump off and a faucet open. Get a portable air compressor to add air and make sure the cap on the schrader is back on and tight when finished. If the well tank (bladder type) is bad, the same condition will exist in a few days and you may notice the air coming through the faucets. If that happens, replace the well tank.

Let us know what you find.
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well pressure tank

It sounds like the pressure tank is waterlogged.
If you have a bladder type tank, depress the valve core in the schreader valve. If water comes out, the bladder is bad and the tank will need to be replaced. Otherwise, as Ken stated, set the precharge to 18 psi, two psi less than the pump cutin pressure. This will need to be done with the tank completely empty. (Also, if you completely drain the tank, but it is still full of water, this is a good sign the bladder is ruptured).
If you have a galvanized steel pressure tank, turn off the pump, open a spigot and drain the tank. Then remove a pipe plug or fitting and allow air (atmospheric pressure) to enter the tank. Replace the plug and restart the pump. This procedure will replace the air needed in this type of tank.
Good luck,
Ron Peeks
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