tub diverter valve & water pressure


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Question tub diverter valve & water pressure

Moved into a 1970's house and the upstairs bathroom looked to be remodeled with new faucets and diverter valve.

The diverter was working for a few weeks and then broke.
Took it apart and replaced the inside part. It is a plastic delta part. The diverter stopped working again.

Called a plumber, who after much searching replaced the part and then the water was coming out of both the shower and the tub and making this whining sound. He said the original valve inside the wall was a valley part and they didnt make it anymore. Also, that we would probably have to tear out the tile and replace the whole fixture. And then he said he checked the water pressure and that it was 90 and that was high and that was probably the problem......

I called the San Antonio Water people to come out and check the pressure. They actually said it was 105 and that above 130 was too high.

Anyway, I got a different plumber to come out and he said that there should be no reason to go into the wall. That the other plumber was wrong and that the whole diverter valve is a delta part not valley. But he couldnt do anything because the other plumber took the part and he needed to see it to replace it . I found that rather odd, but called the other plumber to come back out. They actually said the plumber they had sent was not that good and they were having problems with him.

I forgot to mention that the house is under warantee and the plumbers are sent be them.

So, the 1st company sent out someont else. They replaced the valve in the diverter and it was working, with about 10% of the water coming out of the tub spout when the shower was on. (if you call that working)........ He also said they only make plastic parts......A few days after, went to take a shower and it didnt work. Called the plumber again and he came out and had it working again. But before he left he said he could not guarantee it because it was probably a water pressure problem. And once again it worked once and the nothing.........

I need help! Does anyone know if high pressure could cause the problem or what should be replaced. Do they need to go into the wall to fix. I don't know anything about plumbing and think I am getting the runaround. HELP! Thanks
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Well, the code around here requires reduction of the pressure if it is over 80 pounds... So I would say that 90 is too high... Also, pressure is not constant... It can vary by 10 or 15 pounds over the course of a day, so both readings could have been accurate... As to the diverter, something in the valve is likely causing the problem, and probably the best thing to do is to replace the whole valve if you can't get parts for it... Usually you have some access from BEHIND the valve, which would mean cutting into drywall in a closet, hopefully... However, if the shower is backed up to an exterior wall or another shower, then going through the tile is sometimes the only option... Personally, I don't think any of the guys you have had come out so far are giving you very good info... If the second guy came out and could tell enough to know that the valve was a delta, then he should have been able to come up with an answer on how to get the proper part without referring you again... The first guy obviously didn't know what was going on... Someone needs to take that diverter piece out that is broke or not working and take it to a supply house to get a replacement...
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