I'm tired of sluggish toilets... what is the solution?


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I'm tired of sluggish toilets... what is the solution?

I have standard low flow Gerber toilets and they are 2 flushers and often get plugged. What is the best reasonably priced toilet (under $250) on the market? I looked for Toto but there is no one selling in our Toledo, OH area. What about the power assisted flushing toilets? I saw a Eljer at Home Depot. I understand Gerber makes a power assisted flushing toilet also. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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Power assists rarely clog but they are more expensive and they are fairly loud. I have one and the wife complains occasionally about the noise, very noticable at night. Most of the power assists work about the same. I haven't had problems with either of the brands you mentioned.

That being said I also like the american standard cadet II. I think it performs the best for a 1.6 gpf gravity flush toilet. Everyone on this site has a different favorite, but that is mine.

To address the root of your problem, It may be possible to boost the flushing power dramatically by switching to a different flapper or lowering the float in the tank. Maybe you don't need that new toilet after all.
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The closest Toto consumer dealer to you is:
11220 Twp. Road 99
Phone: 419-425-5211
Fax: 419-427-3787

This dealer is about an hour from you.

You can find others at the Toto dealer locator page.

We're going to two Toto dealers while in southern CA this weekend and should be bringing home a couple of Drake ADA's with the G-max flush system, which I've read many good things about.

I researched the brands and models available at our local box stores and was unimpressed. Toto is a bit expensive (269 at one dealer for the above model in white) but sometimes one must sacrifice dollars for the proper solution to an application. We live in a long house on a septic system so toilet runs are as long as 60'; imagining 1.6 gallons getting things down that line has had me doing more research than is likely good for my health .

If you've attempted to optimize function of your existing toilet and still find it to be unacceptable, IMO replace it.

Best of luck!

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When you say 2 flushers on the 1.5 or 1.6 toilets. We had them till found out it was just the flapper valve is all. The ones we had had a hole in them and this would let it close before all the water was out for the flush. Put new flapper valve in with no hole in it now the toilets all work fine. I see now some of the new flapper valves have the holes back in them. If you get one like that make sure that the hole is on the down side when the flapper valve is up for a flush ED
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A lot of Gerber toilets from the last 15 years or so, have the little bucket in the tank that limits the flush instead of the whole in the flapper... The best way to modify flush on them is to just cut the bucket out and then lower the water level to a level that doesn't make it flush 3 times... Unfortunately, you can create a situation where the toilet will overflow BADLY if it ever backs up because you are dumping about double the water in it that it was designed to accomodate... If you get a new toilet, I personally love the way the kohler quiet flush one piece toilets flush... They are probably slightly higher than the budget you gave, but in my opinion are well worth the lower maintenance and repair costs later... The reason I like the quiet flush is because of the way the water is run into the bowl when flushed... It doesn't come in small jet holes but cascades down the side all at one time and makes for a better flush... I am sure other one piece varieties are similarly good...
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