jet well pumps (meyer)


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jet well pumps (meyer)

I am trying to gain an understanding of how to make adjustments for pump turning on and off. right now the pump will not turn on until pump pressure is down to 15 lbs and turn off at 55 lbs which is a struggle to reach and takes about 2 1/2 min to turn on and after turning off water about 3 min to turn off. I would like to have the pump turn on at 30-40 lbs and off at 50 lbs. Also I have an old galvanized tank without a bladder. What should my tank pressure be in relation to pump pressure? Please help. I had the pump working well last year but after going through the winter something changed this spring. I marked where the adjustments were before messing with, then moved them back but the pump doesn't act like it did before I made the adjustments. It got worse and now before the pump comes on I am down to really no pressure.
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A galvanized tank with no bladder has the same pressure as the water. There is no setting like a bladder tank.

The switch could be going bad. There is a little tube that attaches to the switch that transfers the pressure from the tank to activate the switch. The hole in the switch that allows the pressure to activate it is verrrrry small. It can become clogged or rusted over easily.
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You're in luck. Ron (Pumpman) Peeks is the resident wells-and-pumps expert here, and you can visit his very excellent website at and another good one at
You either have a problem with the old galvanized tank just being water-logged, which is my guess (turn off pump, and drain it), or your air volume control needs to be replaced.
A bladder tank (which you don't have) air pressure (with all water pressure OFF) should be two psi below your cut-on pressure (i.e., 28 psi for a pump 30 psi cut-on).
Sounds like you have a half-horse shallow well pump, which should be set at 30-50 psi cut-on/cut-off.
Good Luck!
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jet well pumps (meyer)

As joed said, the switch could be going bad. Save yourself alot of frustration, and go buy a new one for about $20. Get either a 20/40, or 30/50 switch.
When you change it, make sure the tubing and/or fittings that go to it, are clean and not plugged up. Be sure the fitting at the pump housing is clean.
You may be waterlogged, as OldGuy said. Turn the power to the pump off, drain the tank completely and remove a fitting or plug to allow air to enter the tank. It doesn't do any good to drain the tank if no air is allowed to go in; you'll still be waterlogged.
I imagine the reason the pump struggles to 55 psi is because that's about all a small, single stage jet pump will do, depending on factors such as water level in the well etc. This is why you don't want to use a switch with higher cutout pressures than 50 psi. If you need more pressure than that, you may need to look at multi-stage pumps.
Adjusting the pressure switch is fairly simple. Most switches have two posts. The taller of the two adjusts both the cutin and cutout pressures.
The shorter one adjusts cut out only. The switches are factory set to provide a 20 psi differential, which is recommended (i.e. 30/50). If you want to increase pressure, adjust the taller nut only. Turn it clockwise to increase pressure. One turn will increase the pressure about 3-4 psi. Try not to adjust the smaller one. That will mess up the 20 psi differential.
Also, as OldGuy suggested, you may want to use an air volume control an the galvanized tank. This will help keep an air cushion in the tank to prevent a waterlogging issue. Talk to a local pump house about the AVC.
Good luck,
Ron Peeks
R.L. Peeks Pump Sales
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