Water heater drip pan


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Water heater drip pan

My landlord wants me to install a drip pan under my gas water heater. I'm having a hard time finding such a drip pan. The drip pan I ordered from DoItYourself specifies that it works with electric water heaters. As far as I know, it is not needed for code reasons in NYC.

Where can I get a drip pan for a gas water heater? Are they really useful and if so why are they so hard to get?

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I have no clue what the plumbing codes are in NYC, but a drip pan is a drip pan (they come plastic and metal), and should work under any water heater. You should be able to find one on-line or at any big box or plumbing store.
It is to collect water from a ruptured tank or other water heater leak and drain it away through a drain pipe before it overflows and floods the floor.
You might try calling a NYC Building Inspection Department office to ask about drip pans there.
Good Luck!
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Water heater Drip Pans

Are drip pans for electric and gas water heaters the same? One plumbing supply place is telling me that although both are plastic they are different.
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I thought that you rent so you don't have to do your own home "improvements" and repair. Why would the landlord require the tenant to install the drip pan? The water heater belongs to the land lord, not the tenant.
The drip pan will only care about the diameter of the water heater. As long as the WH fits inside the pan it should be ok. Plastic would probably be better then metal.
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Water heater drip pan

You would think that I would not have to be responsible for my own hot water because I rent. Yet, my apartment falls under the loft law. The loft law covers commercial spaces that tenants converted to residential. Thus, putting in their own water heaters.

I have a drip pan and it says to be used with electric water heaters. Now I have a gas water heater. A plumbing supply place has told me that drip pans for electric and gas water heaters are different. They have ordered me a drip pan for a gas water heater that I'm to pick up Monday.

I'm just wondering if it will be the same thing. I called DoIt Yourself and they confirmed that the drip pan they sold me was only approved for electric water heaters.

Oh, the fuss over a drip pan. Another place was going to custom make me a drip pan for $130.

My question is: Is there a difference between a drip pan for an electric water heater and a gas water heater?

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here in ohio there is no differance between a drip pan for a electric hot tank or gas.and our code states if a hot tank is in a area that may cause damage it is required to have a drain pan.also it may not be as easy as it sounds to put a drain pan under a hot tank.you have to drain the tank and hopefuly you have some unions to break or dielectrics to loosen to get the tank up.
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A plastic drip pan is not code for a gas water heater due to the heat from the open flame at the bottom... The gas water heater drip pan is usually made from very thin aluminum... In my area, you have to have a drip pan under any heater that is in a place the might cause damage AND also in a place where you wouldn't readily notice the leak... So if I put a water heater in an attic, I have to have a drip pan, but if I put one in a utility room with the washing machine, even though a leak would cause damage, I don't have to have one because it is assumed that I would notice that the heater was leaking pretty quickly... The heater pan they ordered will be different....
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