How to unscrew gas pipes


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How to unscrew gas pipes

I need to relocate several gas cast iron pipes. How to unscrew those pipes that are jointed with unions and tees? If it is impossible to unscrew what's the best (easiest) way to deal with this tasks? Also how to ensure there are no gas leaks after gas pipes are relocated and jointed again?
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You have no idea what you are looking at, you have no idea what you are doing.
Do not do this yourself as gas can and does explode.

Fixing a water / sewer problem on the cheap is one thing. Gas work is a totally different thing. It can kill you and everyone within your house.

I am not being hard on you, I am telling you the blunt truth. Take this message, personal, fine, but I do not want you to do this work yourself. Chances are high of a bad outcome.
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Follow notuboo's advise -- he is steering you in the best direction you can go!
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I'm an Electrician by trade an if you don't know how to take apart a union you'll sure to have a gas leak by the time your finished. Take there advise an hire someone.
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Just make sure to turn the gas off at the meter... Then if you have a UNION, you can take it loose there... If you only have couplings, tees, and 90's, then you can't just unscrew a piece because it will tighten in one side as you loosen it from the opposite side... If that is the case, then you will have to use a reciprocating saw or a hacksaw with some hardcore elbow grease to cut the pipe... Then you can unscrew it from both sides, and repipe it to the new location... A saw can create sparks that ignites gas, but gas coming out of your pipes will not explode unless you let it fill up an enclosed space first... As long as the meter is turned off, you are safe to work on it... Any joint you put back together should be put together with teflon tape or pipe dope... When it is all reconnected, turn the meter on and check all your joints with "leak detector" which is basically just dish washing liquid mixed with water so that it bubbles when air is coming out... If you don't have any leaks, then you are good to go... If you do, then start over and remake up any leakers... While gas is certainly very dangerous, it is far more dangerous to work on it without good advice, so I am glad to see you are researching before you go to work... If at any point you feel unsure about the job, make sure the meter is off and go call the gas company from a neighbor's house...
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Unless you have a license to work on gas piping, take the advice of the first 3 posters and hire this out. The reason is safety and insurance related. Safety is self-explanatory. From the insurance angle (assuming you survive the safety angle), if something ends up wrong with the piping, and you end up filing an insurance claim for damage to your house, the insurance company will investigate and see that work has recently been done on the piping. Then, then will want to see the permit for the work, so they can go after the licensed plumber for the cost of the damages. When the insurance company finds out that there is no licensed plumber or permit - you will discover that they will not cover your claim.
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If you have anymore questions on doing the gas piping, let me know personally in private message if you like... I don't see any difference in gas piping than in any of the other hundreds of topics that are covered in these forums, some of which I find FAR more complex and dangerous... I won't hold it against you if you hire it out, but if you need help, I will answer what I can, and will take responsibility for any bad advice I might give...
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