tap into the cleanout


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tap into the cleanout

I'm installing a sink in the basement in an area where there are no good options for cutting a new sanitary tee into the drain stack. The house is on town sewer. There is a cleanout tee sitting just above the floor in the verticle run of the 4" main stack. [the clean out cover is facing the side]. this is not a sanitary type fitting.
Can I tap into that opening by using a threaded adapter to attach the 1-1/2 sink drain plumbing, and use a Tee so that I can put a new cleanout on the other side of where the 1-1/2 drops in? Is there any danger of stuff catching on the right angle edge of that fitting since the cover will no longer be there? Should I come out of the threaded adapter with a 45 elbow directed up to prevent anything from sitting in there, sort of simulating what a sanitary fitting would do there?
thanks for any help
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I have seen toilets put in by other plumbers using the cleanout as the connection to the main.
You sound like you have a plan, but what about venting?
You want to build this drainline with the thought of sometime in the future, it will have do be disconnected so a cable machine can clean out the main line, using the full opening of the cleanout.

Have fun with your plumbing, more questions, ask away and someone will answer you.
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There's a vent line for the kit sink almost directly overhead, I'll tie into that for venting.
I'm going to leave a cleanout plug on the far side of the sink inlet. This will be a 45 and a tee away from the main. Although it might be tough to snake up the stack, I'm thinking this is better than no cleanout. And if access needed to be more direct at the main stack, the adapter can always be unscrewed, assuming I can leave room to swing the assembly around to remove.

Sounds like you tend to shy away from this kind of hook ups yourself. Have you seen issues with this set up long term, or just not a best practice when other options are available?

for your input
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