Question regaring my hot water heater


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Kevin McG
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Question regaring my hot water heater

This morning my wife and I noticed a small puddle of water coming from behind a closet where our water heater is located.

After almost having a heart attack due to the fact we are new house owners(3 months) and the heater is only 3 years old we noticed is is dripping from the Discharge pipe on the side of the tank. The leaking seems to stop after the tank has reached temperature so I figured maybe the setting was a bit to high so I lowered it.

I am not sure if this is a normal thing(I think not) but the previous owner had replaced the temp pressure relief valve after the home inspector noticed the floor was wet. I am thinking maybe the valve is not working correctly.

Can somebody please shed some light on this situation for us? And is it a do-it yourself project to change the relief valve or do I need to locate a plumber?

Thanks everybody
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Hello: Kevin

My concern is why a new temperature pressure valve would be dripping or leaking? Possible the valve was never really changed. Wouldn't know if there wasn't a follow up visit from the inspector or a plumber.

Assuming the valve was not changed, replacing it is a do it yourself project. The valve are standard thread size and available at all hardware stores.

Replacing it is a simple matter of turning off the incoming water supply, opening a hot water facet in a sink to relieve the pressure & than using a wrench to unscrew the old one.

Once the old valve is out, install the new one in the same manner. Using pipe thread compound or pipe tape is suggested. One wrapping is plenty, if tape is used. Too much bunches up.

Common motor oil can also be used if either pipe tape or pipe thread compound is not available. Buying pipe tape is a good idea. As a do it yourself home owner, you'll need some again sometime again...

Once the new valve is installed, turn on the water supply and open the sink faucet only enough to purge out any air, which should not be much.

After the project is completed, return to the forum and advise how the project went and the final results. By sharing all readers learn...

The resident plumbing professionals may offer other possible causes and solutions. Check back on your question often.

If you need further assistance use the REPLY button. Doing so moves the topic back up to the top of the daily list automatically.

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Since the heater is new, my clue is you have thermo-expansion taking place, more the likely you have a pressure reducing valve on the water service, this creates a closed system, meaning no place for hot water to expand to when it heats the water, if this is the case, then you need to have an expansion tank installed.

You say new house, like brand new? If so it's should be covered under the warranty, call the builder back if this is the case, they will solve this issue.
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Kevin McG
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Well I finally got around to changing the temperature pressure valve with no luck

But..... I lowered the temperture dial a little under the setting "HOT" and whamo! no more leaking

Thanks everybody for the help....again
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