water tank problem


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water tank problem

When water is used and the pump runs to add more water to the water tank , the pump runs & quickly moves from the preset low pressure reading up to the top set level and shuts down for only about a second or so and then repeats this several times or more in about 5 to 10 seconds. I believe this is an indication of the water tank either being air-logged or water-bound if I recall correctly. I turned off the pump & drained the tank getting only one bucket of water out of the tank. Then I turned on the pump but that hasn't corrected the problem. Then I went to bleed some air from the tank. But when I did this , water started to come out at the valve.

Could someone help me out here? What is the likely problem & it's remedy? I'd like to fix it myself if possible before having to call the plumber.

Thanks in advance should , someone be able to help.

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The bladder in your pressure tank is shot.
You have to replace the pressure tank.
It should come factory-set at two psi below your cut-on pressure, if you get the right tank (with all water pressure drained off)
Check the tank with a tire gauge. If your pump is set at 20-40, the air pressure should be 18 psi. If 30-50, it should be 28.
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I got that problem too. My problem is the tank has no bladder in it. it is too old. To cure it turn off the pump and put air into the tank, with the water running at one or two facutes.

I do this 2 times a year.

if you do not have a air spicket you can go to the hardware and make one out of a few dollars worth of plumbing parts..

as for not getting much water out just opening the valve, did you open a facuet?

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water tank problem

As Mike stated, if water came out of the air valve, the bladder is shot and the tank should be replaced. Follow his directions on setting the precharge.
The reason you didn't get much water out when you drained the tank was because there is no air inside to force the water out. If you depress (or remove) the valve core while draining the tank, air will enter and the tank will drain faster.
Nate, there is a device called an air volume control that is used on the non-bladder type tanks to help keep an air pad inside the tank. They work through a tube plumbed to the suction side of the pump. If your pump is submerged in the well, there is a different style that can be mounted to the tank that works pretty much the same way.
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