HELP! Backup nightmare!!


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HELP! Backup nightmare!!

I just found my washroom flooded and need some help.

All my sewerage connects in the washroom and then goes to the street. When I tried to send some water out of the washer it came right out of the standpipe.

Here is the on the link below to see a picture.

Wash room

I bought a small 15 foot snake and sent it down the washing machine standpipe and it went through fine.

I then figured that I could open the flow valve (green arrow) and see what was going on. Well there was a well of water that came out of there.

So I figured ok, I just need to drain it. 10 5 gallon buckets later it was still coming and now it smelled of waste water. I assume that the valve was a 1 way valve that was supposed to prevent waste from coming back up the open pipe.

So I ran the snake in and out for a while and then tried to run the washer water thru again and within a second it backed right up.

Any ideas what might be going on? Where is all the water coming from when I open the wast valve? I thought that the sewer ran downhill so there should not be any pressure there.

Any help appreciated.
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Probably from the waste pipe that goes up in the picture (top floor). You need a pretty good snake to clean that pipe, not the tiny little one you probably got.
You need to empty the water from the pipe, then run a heavy snake (the ones that come with the little turning machine), and it needs to go all the way to the street. You have a blockage somewhere.
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Yes, you need to get a bigger machine... It should have a 3/4" cable, and be atleast 100'... It can be dangerous, so don't use it by yourself... Have someone handy that can put it in reverse if you need them too... Also, you should clean it from the PLUG in your picture... so that you don't have all the water to deal with... It is above the level of the washing machine standpipe, so you should be able to open it safely without much water... (The plug has the big square head on it...)
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Thanks for your help. It turns out that I thought the same thing and went to get bigger equipment but before I did the one thing that kept bothering me was the amount of pressure when I unscrewed the flow regulator,

A friend of mine came over, we live in a small group of condos, so we went outside to check by the pump station and sure enough there was water bubling up from the man hole next to the pump station.

It turns out that the pumps went off-line earlier that day and the waste had been backing up all day and I had to be the lucky one to get it to backup into my house.

We called a pumper and he came last night about 12am and pumped out over 2000 gallons of waste. We are waiting for an electriction to come out to this morning to find out what happened.

So the good news is there is nothing wrong with my plumbing, the bad is I was trying to empty 2000 gallons of waster water with my little bucket.

Thanks for your help.

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