kitchen drain stub-out


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Unhappy kitchen drain stub-out

Hi - before you read this I want to warn you that I don't konw the plumbing lingo so please bear with me. I just moved into a 1955 home and discovered that everytime I wash the dishes the water comes out a pipe that extends out the brick in the area of the kitchen sink. This pipe is not PVC - it is metal and looks old, rusted (extends about a fourth of an inch out, is smooth on the outside and has about 1/8" inches of worn out threading on the inside). The Ptrap and trap arm are PVC but it seems like the drain stub out is also metal only newer than the one that extends outside. (I was told the plumbing was redone not too long ago). The water comes out that old metal drainpipe at the same rate that I have the faucet on. I was told that it may be a cleanout and that if I plug it up the water would be redirected to where it should go. I went to home depot and one of the guys there told me that plugging it up might cause the water to backup, not to mention that we couldn't find either a pvc fitting nor a galvanized fitting that was the appropriate size (I believe that was 11/2").

About one foot away old metal pipe in the brick is a plugged pvc (2").

Should I try to plug up the old metal one, if so what can I use - PVC?

Should I try to connect the old metal one to the plugged PVC in the ground?

Should I take out the drain-stub out and replace it with a pvc one?

Should I call a plumber?


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Digital picture would be nice.
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It sounds like you have a clean out sticking out of the wall. If you put a Jim Cap over it it should stop the water from spilling out. It may back up into the sink in which case you will have to run the line. It is possible that the line in the ground is also a clean out, it seems to me that someone may have installed a clean out through the wall after the fact. Knowing how a lot of people install plumbing they may have used an incorrect fitting which would make the water back out the cleanout even if the line is not backed up.

Try capping the line coming out of the wall.
If it backs up into the sink, have the line run.

A digital photo would be nice.

Let us know please.
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