booster pump for new drain line


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Thomas W.
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booster pump for new drain line

I could really use some more help with this.
Can anyone out there give me some more info.

I have called around and can't find a simple booster system without it being large or one that can't be buried.

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Ed G
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What is your application? If you are running a toilet or urinal you need an ejector with a minimum of 20 gallon per minute and a able to pass a 1 1/2 inch solid. It is required that the fixture drain by gravity into an approved sump and be installed with a backwater valve and and a ball or gate valve for isolation. The connection should enter from above the pipe it connects to. A good point of use sump system is called a Drainosaur. It includes a 5 gallon tank with a 1 1/2" inlet, a vent port and a good pump. Most plumbing supply houses should carry it. Not home depot, a Plumbing supply house. I would recomend going to the library and look up the Uniform Plumbing Code Chapter 7 section 710 for applicable codes. of Course codes can vary depending on your area.
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Thomas W.
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WOW, Thanks Ed.

It is for an outside building so can these tanks be buried.
The building sits approx. 2.5 feet below the main house drain and 60' away.

Do all these have to have a vent. I f I put it close to the small outside building that has a vent will that work.

Thanhks for the help
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Ed G
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Well it can be buried if it has to. Most sumps are designed to be buried. You should contact your supply house because the pump I recommended will not work for your application. It is designed more as a point of use system. I would recomend that you install a gravity sewer system from the out house to a point near the house sewer (preferably in the basement) and install a sump at that point to pump the waste water to the sewer. That means the sump inlet will be about 4 feet lower than the house sewer. (2.5 feet plus 15" of fall for outhouse sewer) the depth of the sump needs to have a minimum 2' clearance from the bottom of the inlet pipe to the starting level of the pump Remember by code the sump needs to be watertight. Good luck with it.
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