This is a crazy one!!!


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Question This is a crazy one!!!

I have 2 outdoor spiggots on my house that are on a seperate hard water line that branches off of the main line before it goes into the water softener (I'm on a well). There is a valve shortly after the line splits from the main so that I can turn off the outdoor spiggots. This hard water line splits at a 'T' and one direction goes to one spiggot and the other direction goes to the second spiggot. My problem is that 1 of my spiggots turns on and water flows but the second one doesn't do anything. The valve on the spiggot opens and shuts properly because I am able to insert a piece of 12 guage wire about 8 or 9 inches into it so I can tell it is open yet no water flows. There are no shut off valves between the 'T' and this spiggot. I'm really baffled by this. How can I not have water flowing? Could there be an obstruction in my 1/2" copper line somewhere? That seems hard for me to believe. Ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated.

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sure sounds strange....but if you're sure you followed the line correctly and there are no shut-off valves then i'd look for an obstruction. you didn't mention if this was "all of a sudden" or something you just found out.
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Spiggot was working fine last summer and then was not in use at all for over 6 months during the cold season. When we tried to use it for the first time this water..... I'm having a hard time believing it myself. If there is an obstruction in the line how can I get it out short of hacking into the pipe? Could I hook my pancake compressor up to the spiggot some how and force some pressure back into the line with the hopes of breaking up the obstruction?
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i'd shut the water off first, then cut the pipe next to the "T" then use your compressor. you can always solder a connector where you cut the pipe. it does sound strange. have you tapped on the pipe to listen if there was water in it or if it sounds hollow? i'd be hesitant to blow air back to the source, that's why i suggested cutting the pipe next to the "T", since you know you have water there...right?

by the way..what kind of water softener do you have? do you like it? are you happy with it? we were thinking of a water softer/filter system even tho we are on city water.....thanks.

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Good suggestions.....thanks! I really didn't want to have to cut into the pipe but I guess I will and I'll probably just put a shut off valve in the location that I cut into. Always good to have more control!!! I probably won't have time to get to it for a few days but I'll let you know how this one comes out.

As for the water softener....ours is from Culligan. Being on a well, we really need it and it has worked well since it was complaints at all. I think the water tastes great straight from the tap but my wife is pickier then I am. So, I may be installing an RO system sometime in the future. I have to research them first.

I've got a friend that is on city water and he installed a whole house filter about six months ago. He swears by it. That might be the way for you to go. After all, water softeners are NOT cheap!!!! Good luck!!!
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The other possiblility with this spigot is that that line has frozen and burst.
Cut off all water except that spigot and see if your well presure drops. If it does = underground line leak. You'll have to dig it up to find it and repair it.
Good Luck!
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Hello, Start with the simple things first. Shut off the water, remove the hose bib, turn on the water. If water comes out the pipe R/R the hose bib if not then look for other problems.
Good Luck Woodbutcher
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