Leaky faucets.


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Leaky faucets.

Everytime something in the house uses water,(toilets, sprinklers,dishwasher,washing machine, or other faucets) everytime one is turned on the others appear to drip, with the kitchen, and upstairs bath faucet the worst. The kitchen will have a steady stream come out. I am not very knowledgable with plumbing, but is this a whole house problem or individual faucet problems, that can be fixed. I bought the house 2 yrs ago and have no clue how old they are. Thanks in advance.
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I am new at this as well, but I am in the process of installing an entire supply system to my cabin. What I have been told by the "experts" is that a system without proper "air/water hammers" will cause fixtures to leak when one is shut off after being used. In other words, water doesn't compress, so when you shut a water ficture off suddently, the water needs somewhere to go. Typically, this is achieved, depending ont he age of the home, by a 12" piece of pipe, capped and placed vertically before each stub out from the wall. This capped chamber of air will compress, and stop pipe banging, but also stop your seals from leaking. At least this is what I've been told. If you determin that to be the problem, I have seen these air/water hammers at home improvement stores for $10 to $13 each, and they are filled with inert gas, which is better than the 12" hollow pipe method. they can be added outsid the wall, i.e. under the sink with compression fittings. Hope this helps. Maybe a real expert will share an opinion too.
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Thanks for the reply, but you may have misunderstood me, my faucets leak when another is running, and stops when whatever was running stops. Like say you flush a toilet upstairs, the kitchen faucet will drip almost fast enough to make a solid stream of water, but once the toilet tank fills completely, the kitchen faucet will also stop. Anybody else have any ideas.
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It's got me puzzled.
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The only time i have ever seen this was a house with almost zero water pressure.It had washerless faucets when I would turn on other water in house there was'nt enough pressure to push up on the cups to stop water.Were talking pressure low enough it took 20 minutes to fill toilet tank.Other than that i must say at this time I'AM STUMPED
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