stuck repairing Delta single handle


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stuck repairing Delta single handle

I am trying to install a repair kit for my Delta single handle shower. I can't get the half dome off. I tried using pipe wrenches, but don't want to use so much force I break something. Should I try to use some sort of liquid wrench? Any other suggestions? At this moment replacing the entire unit is not an option because of limited access.

I also can't get the adjusting ring to loosen or tighten, per the repair kit instructions. All I did was stripe the plactic slots.
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It may be corroded a bit. Soak it with WD-40 or other solvent.
Use a pair of channel-lock pliers or pipe wrench over a cloth to keep from marring the cap ring. and unscrew it counter-clockwise.
Replace all of the internal parts that come with the kit, and save the little adjustment tool.
You turn the slotted plastic ring clockwise to tighten it, but you don't want to tighten it too much or you'll wear the seats-and-springs faster and the faucet handle will be harder to operate.
Just tighten it enough to keep it from leaking.
You can do a Search above on Delta Faucets for illustrated how-to info.
Good Luck!
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Take a rag and put over nut then tap all around nut.Then use you'r hand try and unscrew.A strap wrench is the best tool for taking these off.I have been to so many of these were the home owners have used channel locks or pipe wrenches and scarred up nut or broken off copper tubes.They seem amazed when i tap it a few times and remove it with my hands.Channel locks and pipe wrenches actually causes nut to bind when using this much force.Make sure you loosen plastic retainer on top of nut first.
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still stuck

Thanks for the suggestions, but neither worked yesturday. Any other helpful ideas would be greatly appreciated. (I haven't tried the strap wrench yet, as I could not get to the hardware store. Maybe that tool will do the job.)
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Strap wrench is the answer, after WD-40. Good luck.
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still no luck

I purchased a strap wrench, the only one found in the plumbing isle. (There was a 2 tool set in the hand tool isle containing a larger and a smaller strap tool.)

However, the half dome is recessed so deep in the rough opening I cannot get a good grip with the tool. Maybe I should try find a smaller strap wrench. I keep trying to think smarter not harder, but am having little luck.

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You can buy replacement "domes" for this faucet. In case you mar the finish with a wrench or pliers.

Take a propane torch and heat the dome until it smokes, it will twist off then. There is a nylon bushing under the dome that is stuck in place. It's the washer looking thing with a slot in it that allows the little stem the handle attaches to, to poke through. (Yeah, real clear on this) Heating makes it very pliable and it will come off. Do not catch anything around it on fire. You will be done in a few seconds after using the torch.

Look at the springs under the seats, which are under the round ball. They are either conical in shape or straight, round springs. These springs are usually replaced with the conical springs, regardless of what came out. You should replace them with the stlye that came out.

You can buy all the replacement parts you need for a delta faucet at any good hardware store.

Have fun, take your time, more questions ask away and someone will answer you.
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