We need help in choosing the right Composting Toilet.


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Smile We need help in choosing the right Composting Toilet.

Hi Everyone

We are planning on building or buying a Composting Toilet.

A family of 4 & all Farm wastes are taken care of, so this is only for Human waste. Some people use theirs for kitchen waste, we will not have to factor that in.

The house has an unheated basement 1/2 covered in earth. Electric is available, so heater elements & fans can be used for improved composting in any enviroment.

At this time, I feel the stool in the Bathroom with the Composter in the Basement system, may be the better choice for full time Home use by 4 people. The all in Bathroom, models may be a better choice for a Cabin or limited use. I may be wrong, as 10 years ago, was when I first looked into this waste disposel system.

Today many changes have been made in this industry. New computer designed ways, of improving the Composting process. Smaller systems using better areation systems, & double chambers. A lot has changed in ten years, & it looks as if in many respects that the US, has become as serious as Europe has been, for many, many Decades.

So now, we need information from others, with first hand knowledge of these systems, offered in the US. We must choose the right system the first time, so to use 5 people and factor in more is better, than whoops that's not enough. May or may not make sense, so this is why I'm here asking

Some Companies claim up to 5 people on, some all inside systems. This could be true, but I would feel better hearing from those with experience, in installing or using them today.

Thank you for your time & any help you can offer us.

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This question has been copied over to Plumbing as it is not a Home Planning Question that we can answer here.

Good Luck!
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Composting Toilet

marturo, are there any building codes regarding composting toilets in your area? The following article is informative.
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septic systems

I know of a septic system that is of a French design that has a series of three tanks. This permits the waste to stand without being disturbed for longer periods to, as it were, brew. While stationed in Korea many years ago, they would take human waste and pour it on the rice straw in layers in a deep pit and let it stand uncovered all winter. In the spring, they flakey stuff was used to enrich the soil along with potash. It was called midnight soil. Ever thought of just pumping out the tank every year or two and pouring over leaves or hay...or other yard waste?
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