Toilet won't flush paper


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Unhappy Toilet won't flush paper

My toilet has recently stopped flushing toilet paper. The amount can be five, 2-ply squares, less or more. The only way to get the paper down is to flush several times (4 or more).

The toilet has a regular flow of water (no water saving measures) and will flush everything but the paper.

I have used the plunger several times and this doesn't seem to have helped. I have some questions:

1. Is this something I can fix myself without removing the toilet? If yes, please provide instructions.

2. If no, how much could I expect to pay to have a plumber solve this problem for me, and how long should it take to complete the job?

I have guests coming in 10 days, so help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks much!
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Toilet will not flush paper

Sounds like you have a old style 3.5 flush toilet. Here are some things to look for:

Is water in tank up to correct level by markings on overflow tube or etching in back wall of tank

Is fill valve water tubing to overflow properly replenishing water to bowl

Is anyone that lives at your residence on medications ( this one is because sometimes certain medications will cause buildup and scaling in trapways of toilets due to what is in urine or fecal matter )

Has anyone used a closet auger on toilet to determine if the trapway has buildup

Does the toilet have a history of this problem

Are there children in the home that might of thrown a small floating object in the toilet and is resting on top of trap seal

Has anyone used muratic acid on jets and bowl to remove calcium deposits in combination with closet auger

This is alot to ask but this is a ritual I perform when I get a service call regarding a toilet that will not flush.
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Thanks for the quick reply. To answer your questions:

Questions 1 & 2 - Yes.
Question 3 - antihistamines only
Questions 4 - 7 - No.

I haven't yet called a plumber because I wanted to see whether this problem might be something I could fix myself. I didn't want to spend $$$ on a service call without having some idea of what might be wrong.

I'm a real newbie, so I could use some help. What is a closet auger? Can I get it at Lowe's or Home Depot, and what does this procedure involve?

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