Slow bathtub drain leak


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Slow bathtub drain leak

I have a 2 to 4 drop per minute leak under a 25 year old cast iron (steel?) shower tub after my repair when I have about 2" of water in the tub. The leak appears to come from where the Price-Pfister brass waste elbow meets the bottom of the tub. There is rust at the bottom of the tub around the waste elbow and corrosion on the waste elbow. The inside of the tub looks OK except for a couple of small chips under the drain (shoe?) where a little rust shows. The old drain had two small cracks on the flange and the plumber's putty was gone.

I replaced the drain (shoe?) using plenty of kneaded plumber's putty. I also used teflon tape around the threads.

I did not replace the gasket. My understanding is that the plumber's putty provides the seal between the drain and the tub. The threads provide the seal between the drain and the waste elbow. The gasket is just there to resist compression and keep the drain tight against the inside surface of the tub.

I think I did the things recommended in previous posts. Any idea what is wrong and how to fix it?


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The gasket is the seal between the tub drain shoe and the threads, the threads are standard thread and not a tapered thread, tapping the thread is useless, the threads of the strainer into the shoe is not the sealing point. try a new gasket, and tighten it up real good.
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Thanks, Plumber.

Sounds reasonable. More importantly, it worked!

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