Water Pipe Material


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Water Pipe Material

I am performing remodeling on a house that I recently purchased. The existing water lines are 30 year old galvanized steel pipes. I want to replace water lines them with new pipes. Which is a better choice copper or CVPC.

CVPC is cheaper than copper by about 30% where I live. I know the drawback to using this material is that it does not hold up to weather very well. However, the house rests on an insulated crawlspace foundation and is located in the Gulf Coast. Winters are very mild here. The last hard freeze was over 20 years ago. Plus, I have no experience with copper.

Any sugestions.......
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Just about any kind of pipe full of water will break if it freezes and CPVC is no more likely to break than copper in cold weather. If you don't have any experience sweating copper, installing CPVC will prove to be much easier and faster. The one nice thing about CPVC is, even if it does freeze and break, it'll be much easier to repair than copper.

If you want a pipe that can freeze without damage, use PEX. Unlike most other kinds of pipe, PEX will stretch instead of breaking when the water inside freezes and expands.

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Start calling licensed plumbers in your area what material they use on a regular basis. This will give you your answer.
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Even though copper is not bad, it's still more labor intensive to install than any kind of plastic.


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I love it!!!! Keep up the good work men.

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Thanks guys.

I took your advice, Dunbar, and met with one of the local plumbers in town. He holds a master liscence for this state so I trust his opinion. We discussed what I intend to do and the manner in which I want to undertake it. He agreed with you, Liquid Plumber, that for my situation CPVC is the best option. He did tell me that I would need to make a few changes in my layout. Not so much to met code but to prevent any problems down the road; such as freeze prevention.
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This is one of the few time I would agree to Cpvc and it's only because you say you have no experience with sweating copper.

I would seriously consider a new 1/4 turn ball valve right where you transition from the old to new.
You will need good threads for any transition, but place a new valve there, then go with your Cpvc.
You may also want to install pipe wrap foam for a little insulation protection as you install.

More questions, ask away and someone will answer you...
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