supply lines in attic


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supply lines in attic

Hello all,

Well the dwv lines are in. Now for supply.
I guess I just want some pros and cons either piping in attic or up through slab. If pipes are wraped with insulation in attic what are the odds of freeze up and bursting?

slab would only be 8" thick includes crushed rock?

I would like to go with the attic supply. any suggestions to which is best way to go.

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In Arizona, attic will be fine, but do insulate them.
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It always seems better to go through an attic and provide thermal protection than to have the worry of the piping below the concrete possibly leak. Now in most cases, if piping is installed properly underground,,,it poses no threat.

This way in the attic,,,,it will let you know by the presence of water that something has went wrong.

Keep water lines as close as possible to living space, meaning as close to drywall as possible.
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Thanks Plumber 2000 and Dunbar Plumber for the response.
Great site for info.
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Lightbulb water pipes

If you do put the water pipes under the slab put a sleeve of something over them like armaflex or PVC on them so that the copper dont touch the concrete at all where it comes up out of the floor. ED
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Thumbs up

Thanks Ed.

I think I will do the attic, just in case of a leak! just because I tell my wife all the time I am not a plumber. But working on it after this project.

Thanks everyone.

I am sure there are more questions to come...don't go away!!!
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If you want to be really safe, maybe you should take some PVC drain pipe and run some PEX through it if you run your pipes through the attic. Not only is PEX break proof if it freezes but the PVC could capture any water that does leak out and send it down the drain.

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Thanks LiquidPlumber,
I looked at the pex plumbing manibloc system. looks very expensive, but impresive at the same time. what is typical cost?

again Thanks
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If you want to go first class, the manibloc system is the way to go. In this case, it might cost you around $600. But you can do it for a few hundred less if you use compression fittings and plumb the PEX the same way you would plumb copper or CPVC.

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Thanks Liquid Plumber. I would have to have a plumbers income to afford it I have to stick with the basics for now.

Thanks for the new thought , I guess there are new products out all the time. I have never heard of that before . But a little too rich for this "small house".

Thanks again.


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