how to replace automatic sprinkler valve


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how to replace automatic sprinkler valve

i am triing to replace the auto sprinkler valve that controls sect 2 . it is a pvc rainbird valve and is leaking however it goes directly to the main water supply. what supplies am i going to need to replace this valve. and how
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First, you need to determine the size of the pvc pipe(either 3/4" or 1").
Then, purchase an anti-syphon valve(correct name for sprikler valve) with the same size opening.
Determine the height of the existing ASV on zone 2. The code requires ASV to be at least 6" higher than the height of the tallest sprinkler head in that particular zone, in the 'popped-up' position.

If it's significantly higher,like a foot, you simply have to cut out the old valve and put in the new one.
Purchase a pvc saw, either a wire-saw or click-on saw.
Shut the gate valve off to the sprinkler system; then cut out the valve at the highest position possible. Disconnect wires.
Clean up around the ends of pipes.
Purchase pvc cement, primer(purple color), threaded adaptor fittings(x2) and teflon tape.
Apply teflon tape onto the threads; then connect them to both openings of the new ASV. Tighten it then untighten 1/4 turn.
Perform dry fit check between ASV and pipes.

Apply primer to the mating surfaces; Let them dry completely.
Apply cement to both mating surfaces; then push ASV down into the pipes immediately(push it in all the way). Then, using a crescent wranch or similar, turn the fittings 1/4 turn clockwise to tighten them.(You only have less than 30 sec before cement solidifies).
After cure, connect wires, turn on the gate valve and perform leak test.

CAUTION: ASV only works in 1 way; meaning that the arrow sign on the ASV body indicates the direction of water flow. Do not install it backwards.
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This valve should be repairable. You didn't indicate where the leak was; if it is leaking through the sprinklers you can purchase a "diaphragm repair kit" to fix it. If it's leaking around the flow control stem, it can be repaired by removing the top and replacing the "stem O-Ring". If it's leaking at the "Solenoid" replace the "O-Ring" or the solenoid itself using the universal solenoid replacement kit. Repair parts can be found here:

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