Leak in kitchen sink; now have flies!


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Exclamation Leak in kitchen sink; now have flies!

Found the pipes under the kitchen sink were no longer attached and that the sink water was just pouring into the cabinet underneath! Now, I have a *million* little flies everywhere.

I have tried to do research on the net to find what kind and how to get rid of them and cannot find anything...

any suggestions on what they are and/or how to get rid of them??
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First, FIX THE LEAKING DRAIN PIPE. (We are GOOD at telling you how to do that!!)

A plumber's suggestion to get rid of the flies is gonna be Raid. (Buy 2 cans the FIRST trip to the store -- it'll save you having to go back)

Plumbers think of Raid jsut like they do beer, sex, pipe dope and country music -- If some is good, MORE IS BETTER!!
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I agree. Keep a can 'o the good stuff in my truck.

The second thing after you gas 'em is to open up the wet wood by either removing the cupboard or cutting an opening and then get a good strong fan to dry it out.
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Kewl! Thank's much; this let's me know I was on the right track!!

Before I even posted, the FIRST thing I did when I found the pouring pipe was to reattach it. I actually took it all apart at every section - they were all kinda loose - and I made sure they were all put back on tightly, but not too tight as they ARE PVC pipes.

Second thing, was to spray A LOT of bug spray because I couldn't stand doing dishes, cleaning my kitchen, cooking, or even just being in there in general. If you know what I mean!

And Third was to dry up as much of the "bonus water" I could - I already had to have HAZMAT come out a couple years ago due to the last owner's High Intelligence (PVC attached to Lead pipes with a metal hose clamp... he was a smart one...).

... I love my little 1928 house, but sometimes it is as if it has never been updated... Thank you both for the help! Should I send you both some Raid?? hehe :-)

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