jet well pumps


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jet well pumps

Lost the prime in our jet well pump, need some steps to re-prime it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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A jet pump will not pump air. You need to open the prime port on the jet pump and fill the suction line with water. Fill it completely and start the pump. If it doesn't work the first time try again. If you can't get it to fill then you probably have faulty foot valve that is leaking and will need to be changed.
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jet well pump

Thanks to JOED for the reply to our problem. It's for our cabin so we'll try to look into it this week-end. Will let you know.....
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jet well pumps

If the pump ran for an extended time after it lost prime, it could have sustained damage to the wet end (impeller, guide vane, seal, etc.). Alot of pumps on the market have plastic parts in them and the heat of running dry causes the damage.
If you can fill the pump completely up, as joed suggested, run it for a couple of minutes. If it doesn't prime try it several more times. Pumps don't always prime the first time.
If it won't prime at all, after it's been determined that the footvalve is good and that there are no leaks on the suction line, you may need to disassemble the pump and check for internal damage. There's an exploded view of a jet pump at:
Good luck,
Ron Peeks
R.L. Peeks Pump Sales
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Jet well pumps

Thanks also to Pumpman...These tips are extremely helpful. Somehow we lost the prime when power was shut off. Trying to get someone who knows anything about these pumps has been a challenge. And it seems no plumber/well guy wants to come and look at it.

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