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I have been in my house for two years. The hot water heater is located inside in a bathroom. The pressure release valve on the side is connected to a pipe which runs out to the back of house.

When I first got to the house, there was some water going through the pipe. It quickly got to be a steady trickle. I had the valve replaced which helped a lot, but I occasionally still had some water drip through, primarily during cold weather.

I recently had a new hot water heater installed, and thought that would be the end of it. But now that it has turned cold, I once again have water dripping through the pipe sometimes.

What would cause this problem with both water heaters??
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You are experiencing thermal expansion.
when water is heated it expands and has
to go someplace and thru your waterheaters
T&P is not the right place.The T&P is only
designed to releive under extreme pressure
or abnormal temperature,150psi/200/210degrees
do not purchase the device you install in your toilet to address this problem it will
hiss and drive you nuts. you need a watts
530C to address this problem.It installs on
the cold water line ten/twelve inchs above
water heater and is set at 25 psi above
incoming water pressure.It does require an
individual drain line of its own and is
designed to drip moderatley when releaving
thermal expansion. you do not want your
T&P serving as this device. the spring in your T&P valve is probobly weakened so when
you properly address the problem replace
it once again. also the pressure in your
house (house side of PRV) should not exceed
80psi if it does replace the PRV with a
watts can screw a water test guage
on the boiler drain at the bottom of your
water heater for an accurate pressure reading
remember check for excessive pressure first
80psi plus,this will make the T&P drip even
if you are not experienceing thermal expansion. once you determine your pressure
situation proceed with handling your thermal
Garrett Plumbing Co.

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Would also like to mention in the
likleyhood that you already have a
thermal expansion valve on your
waterheater be sure it is on the cold
side,and also some plumbers tie the
1/2inch discharge from the thermal expansion
device directly into the 3/4inch discharge
of the T&P discharge creating confusion
becauce you cant tell for sure which
one is dripping and when,thats why it is
important to run them ouy individually.

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